The “magic” of wireless conference & collaboration system

The “magic” of wireless conference & collaboration system

With the development of the Internet era, mobile smart terminals such as mobile phones and ipads have become important auxiliary tools. No matter for meeting, taking photos or visiting customers, computers are no longer necessary devices. How to implant mobile devices into its display system, slowly become a new market demand.

The “magic” of wireless conference & collaboration system

Requirements of modern business:

On the one hand: now people have got used to carrying mobile phones, ipads and other convenient devices when they go out, and traditional computer devices are no longer necessary. On the other hand: isn’t it disrespectful to connect a removable storage device like a USB stick to a customer’s computer? Second: in the past, there was always a waiting period before a meeting, waiting for the projector to start, waiting for equipment to be connected, waiting for presentation Settings… Therefore, wireless conference & collaboration products are suitable for modern business needs.

Daily needs:

Wireless collaboration solutions have changed People’s Daily work habits just as the Internet has changed their lives. We can initiate meetings anytime, anywhere; Check system status anytime, anywhere; Share audio and video content anytime and anywhere; You can even turn your phone into a system control center anytime, anywhere. Home theater and teleconferencing have slowly changed our way of life, haven’t they? You don’t have to be in a movie theater or a meeting room to watch a movie!


AWIND market leader said: with the advancement of informatization, the amount of information people can obtain increases greatly, and the requirements for rhythm and timeliness also rise. People’s requirements for gathering, sorting, analyzing and visually displaying a large amount of information have increased, which has contributed to the emergence and continuous evolution of visual collaboration. The launch of conference collaboration products subverts the traditional conference mode. For enterprises, wireless collaboration has become an urgent demand.

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Post time: May-19-2020

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