Macbook does not show commissioning methods for Airplay screen images

Macbook does not show commissioning methods for Airplay screen images

Because we do wireles conference & collaboration systems, and we often get calls from users asking, “My Airplay screen image is gone, how can I connect to your device?”

Airplay screen mirroring is the built-in screen projection function of macbook, and it is also the only way for our company’s wireless screen projection device to connect with macbook. The macbook does not display Airplay screen mirroring, which users can do roughly from the following two points.

  1. The screen image on the Macbook shows up automatically when you’re around an iPhone or Airplay screen mirror.

Macbook must be on the same LAN as a device that supports iPhone or Airplay screen mirroring, and have the same network segment. The network segments of many companies are specified, so our wireless projection screen supports Airplay screen mirror, which is also under the same router, but Airplay screen mirror does not show. The main reason is that the first three segments of IP address are different 192.168.100.x.

Solution: If the company is assigned an IP, just assign the macbook and wireless screen to the same network segment. If it is not assigned a static IP, try restarting the router.

 2.Check out BonjourService:

Sometimes the “service” of BonjourService is turned off and needs to be turned on.

On the Macbook, download the iTunes software and see if BonjourService is available in the Task manager. Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the keyboard or right-click the taskbar and open The Task Manager on your computer. In the “Services” section, see if BonjourService is available. Right-click — Start.

If the airPlay screen image on your macbook is often not displayed, you can also debug it this way, making the airPlay screen image on our macbook “nowhere to escape”. If you don’t have our wireless projector nearby, the same goes for your iPhone.

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