MacBook enterprise screen sharing method

MacBook enterprise screen sharing method

The current meeting room needs to use the company’s notebook are Mac Apple notebook, this article will introduce you to MacBook Apple notebook enterprise-class screen sharing method.

1.Old MacBook Apple laptop screen sharing

Old Mac laptop screen sharing, old MacBook, that is, no Type-C, only USB MacBook, I recommend a high stability of screen sharing solution Screen sharing is carried out in the way of USB wireless presenter sender, that is to say, as long as the wireless presenter receiver is connected to the big screen through HDMI cable, it is only necessary to plug the USB transmitter of the wireless presenter into the Mac laptop and press the screen sharing button

2.Now mainstream MacBook screen sharing

Now the mainstream MacBook And Apple notebook all use Type-C interface, we only need to replace the transmitter of wireless presenter with TypeC transmitter. Of course, we can also use our own screen image for screen sharing When our wireless presenter receiver and MacBook are in the same LAN, we can use the built-in screen image for screen sharing .

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