Looking for AppleTv How does an iPhone display a TV

Looking for AppleTv How does an iPhone display a TV

     The screen image of the AppleTv was looking for it all the time, but it couldn’t find the device… Or if you find a TV and it shows no connection at all. This is an almost universal phenomenon.

ios Airplay

    Screen mirroring is looking for AppleTv. Why not?
1.Not on the same LAN
If the search fails, there is a situation where the router has turned on the AP quarantine, or a switch is used, resulting in a different LAN. You can use your phone to turn on hot spots to connect to your TV. Just test it out.
The iPhone supports a hotspot that connects to a TV, and it can also connect to WIFI, which android phones don’t seem to be able to do.
2.TV does not support
Can some people say that to apple TV, the first few years, but slowly the domestic television also has some brand support Airplay mirroring the screen, in addition, LG, samsung, SONY, such as television has signed an agreement with apple, in 2019 the new out several most of support, but early years in front of the TV certainly won’t search it.
3.Interval player cannot connect
The ability to search for a TV indicates that the TV itself supports screen mirroring, possibly because the projection function in the TV system is too old to be updated in time.

screen mirroring

    4. How does an iPhone display a TV
There are too many ways for iPhone and tablet to screen TV, such as the built-in screen mirroring of mobile phone, APP projection software, third-party projection box… Here’s how to use the hot screen projection and Apple’s own Airplay screen image projection.
5. Apple’s own Airplay screen mirror projection
The TV terminal is in the same LAN as the iPhone, and the screen mirroring of the iPhone Airplay – automatic search device – connect to the TV – complete the mirror screen projection.

wp wireless presentation

  Hot screen projection requires the TV to support WIFI_DISPLAY and screen image projection
IPhone turns on WIFI hotspot — TV connected to mobile hotspot — Airplay screen mirroring — connected to TV.
Summary: screen mirror function is used in watching TV, xiaobian always feel strange, mobile phone screen and TV screen is synchronous, mobile phone screen no one see still can’t close, power not to say, also can’t brush WeChat, circle of friends and other, in addition to watching TV, suddenly a message, privacy, especially awkward.

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