With LAN, the phone casts the screen onto the computer

AWIND wireless Projection streams through RTMP/RTSP, enabling mobile phones to simultaneously project screens onto 16 computers. Features: If the big screen is a touch screen, our handwritten comment pages on the big screen can be synced to other devices. AWIND wireless projector is only for multi-screen interaction in the “business education domain”.one-to-many screen-casting

Wireless Presentation System  Hardware preparation:

One device at the sending end, 16 devices at the receiving end, one (or more) large screen; One or more wireless projectors (if there are multiple large screens, how many wireless projectors are needed for how many large screens). (Note: The receiving device needs to install VLC player software. The software can be downloaded on the Internet or asked for by our online customer service.)

  1. All wireless projectors are connected to the large screen via HDMI cable. If there is only one large screen, it only needs to be connected once.
  2. Plug in the network cable to the wireless projector and enter the LAN and other sending and receiving devices in the same LAN environment.
  3. Wireless screen projection at the sender; after the laptop screen projection, the laptop screen will be displayed on the big screen, and our handwritten notes on the big screen will also be selected and synchronized out.
  4. RTMP/RTSP push stream is set in the background. If there are multiple wireless projectors, the rest are set as receivers.
  5. 16 receivers (mobile phones, pads, laptops, computers) need to download VLC player software for receiving. If there are the remaining large screens, connect the remaining wireless projectors via an HDMI cable.

Conclusion: Our handwritten notes on the big screen can also be synced to the receiving device.

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