How do I stop screen mirroring from lagging? Is there a device with low latency?

Is there a wireless screen mirroring device with low latency?

In fact, wireless screen mirroring came out ten years ago, but limited to the network conditions and screen projection technology at the time, wireless screen mirroring is always “one step, three cards”, and most meeting rooms have to choose a wired connection. The rise of wireless screen mirroring in recent years is precisely because of the increase in network bandwidth and the accumulation of wireless screen mirroring technology. The current delay of wireless screen mirroring is actually not a big problem. So are there any wireless screen mirrors with lower latency?

How do I stop screen mirroring from lagging? Is there a device with low latency

How do I stop screen mirroring from lagging

Before recommending the low-latency wireless screen mirroring device, I would like to introduce the reasons for the freezing of the wireless screen mirroring device.

The essence of the principle of the wireless screen mirror is to transmit the digital signal of the content displayed on the screen to the large screen for display through wifi. From the principle point of view, the reasons for the high delay are as follows:

Screen mirrorer chip

Electronic equipment chips are the top priority. Of course, good electronic chips are expensive. This is one of the main reasons why dozens of pieces of free shipping items bought back by many people can only be regarded as “scrap”. Think about it in another way, the projector that you bought back called a “nano-level” chip, is there a “valuable” chip? If not, you are deemed to have paid the “IQ Fee”.

Transmission frequency band 2.4Gor5G

The 2.4G frequency band has a long transmission distance, strong penetration and anti-interference, but the transmission speed is far inferior to the 5G frequency band. The transmission speed of the 5G frequency band is fast and the transmission distance is short. Therefore, the current powerful screen projector manufacturers use 2.4 G and 5G frequency bands are common, so choose according to actual needs.

Wifi transmission

Wireless screen mirrors are all transmitted through Wifi signals. If it is not an independent Wifi channel, it will cause data packet loss or screen freezes when the network is congested, which will also cause a certain degree of delay. Especially in large companies, this phenomenon will be more obvious, so the projector needs to have the ability to independently select signal channels.

Software performance

Chips are a hardware limitation, and of course there are new capabilities in software. Otherwise, how can the projector be divided into consumer (home) and professional (commercial) grades, mainly because the software of home-grade products cannot reach Demand for business meeting rooms. This is the “source of all evil” complaining about Caton after many business meeting rooms have adopted home screen projectors.

Wireless screen mirroring device with low latency

Screen mirroring agreement

The current screen mirroring protocols mainly include Miracast, Airplay, DLNA and proprietary WIDI technologies.

DLNA has the highest fluency, but it can only push streaming media resources by itself, which is too limited.

The Miracast screen mirroring protocol has the broadest mass base, but its technology lacks guidance (interests) and is currently developing slowly.

Airpaly developed for Apple itself, good and bad, not to comment too much.

WIDI technology is mainly used by various screen mirror manufacturers. Driven by interests, there is a serious polarization trend.

Is there a wireless screen mirroring device with low latency?

In summary, a low-latency wireless screen projector must meet the following conditions:

1. Good chip,

2. 2.4G/5G dual-band output,

3. Free choice of channel capability,

4. Professional software performance and Professional WIDI projection technology,

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