Is screen mirroring possible in non smart tv

Is screen mirroring possible in non smart tv

Ask on the official website today how to use our non-smart TV screen mirroring device? Today, the editor is here to post a set of detailed wireless screen mirroring instructions.

AWIND wireless screen mirroring device is a professional cross-product equipment, as long as our TV or other display screen has HDMI interface or VGA interface, it does not require high display screen.

Is screen mirroring possible in non smart tv

Non-smart TV screen mirroring

Non-smart TV screen mirroring instructions

1. Connect the wireless screen mirroring box via HDMI cable or VGA cable;

2. Plug the wireless screen mirror into the internet cable;

3. Connect mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. to the same router’s WIFI;


Android mobile phone, tablet screen mirroring non-smart TV

1. Android phones and tablets are connected to the wireless projector ID through the built-in [Wireless Screen Mirroring] to perform screen projection (Miracast protocol);

2. Download the matching APP on Android phones and tablets for screen mirroring;

Screen mirroring for iPhone, tablet, Macbook, non-smart TV

Apple phones, tablets, and Macbooks connect to the wireless screen mirror ID through the built-in Airplay screen mirroring to perform screen mirroring (Airplay protocol);

Is screen mirroring possible in non smart tv

Windows computer screen mirroring non-smart TV

Windows computer screen mirroring local video, right click—play to device—select wireless projector ID to perform screen mirroring (DLNA protocol);

Windows computer downloads and installs the supporting APP for screen mirroring;

Is screen mirroring possible in non smart tv

Online video screen mirroring non-smart TV

Whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, computer, or laptop, open the video APP, click the [TV] or [DLNA] icon on the video playback interface, select the wireless screen mirror ID, and perform screen mirroring (DLNA protocol).

The instructions for using the non-smart TV screen mirroring device are here. Just connect with friends in need. The current Miracast protocol has progressed to the same as Bluetooth. As long as there are devices that support Miracast protocol around, the device can be automatically searched. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the same LAN.

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