iphone6s screen casting connects apple phone and TV on the same LAN

Description: iphone6s cast screen method? I believe that many of you have an Apple phone, and the screen of Apple phones is generally not big enough, so we can watch movies or TV shows without any pleasure. The first thing you need to do is to watch it on TV to experience the joy that movies bring us, and if you’re interested, you’ll have a look with me below.
iphone6s cast screen method? I believe many of you have used Apple mobile phones, and Apple mobile phone screen is generally not large, so that we watch movies or TV series is not fast enough, then how can Apple mobile phones cast screen to the TV? The TV is the only way to experience the joy that movies bring us, so if you’re interested, you should check it out with me below.

iphone6s cast screen

iphone6s cast screen

iphone6s cast screen

Prepare tools: Apple phone a, smart TV a (small trial TV for cool open TV).

Preparation: Set your Apple phone and Smart TV on the same LAN.

Apple phone connected to TVhome LAN

Smart TV connected to TVhome LAN

I set up my Apple phone and Smart TV on the “TVhome” LAN at the same time, as shown in the picture above. Tip: If you can’t complete this setup in advance, then the next operation will not be successful!

Steps to follow.

Apple phone “control interface”

Step 1: Turn on your Apple phone and bring up the “Control Interface” from the bottom of the screen, and select the “AirPlay” option in the interface.

Search for your TV ID in the “AirPlay” interface

Step 2: In the “AirPlay” interface, search for the TV device you want to connect to and click on the Smart TV ID name to connect automatically.

Apple phone connects to TV successfully

Step 3: Once the Apple phone is successfully connected to the Smart TV, the “AirPlay” position in the “Control Panel” of the Apple phone will be changed to the Kukai TV ID name.

  Apple phone and TV on the same screen

  How to cast screen to TV on Apple phone? Look at this picture to show that I have succeeded! Tip: Apple phone can not only cast screen with the TV, but also with the TV box products to cast screen, the operation steps are the same, you can also use the odd machine to cast screen device more convenient.

Apple phone 6s and Apple phone 7 and other latest Apple phone can achieve the above operation Oh, cast screen function is not only applicable to personal large screen to see multimedia resources, but also can be applied to education, wedding, meeting presentation and so on scenarios. It is important to make the best use of the smart devices we have, so let the smart products in our hands bring us more smart experiences!


DLNA, Digital Living Network Alliance, is a set of protocols initiated by Sony, Intel, Microsoft and others to interconnect PCs, mobile devices and consumer appliances. Their mission is “to enjoy music, photos and videos anywhere, anytime”. Some Android players have DLNA capabilities, such as Tencent Video, Sohu Video and Xunlei Watch. You can transfer movies that are supposed to be on your phone screen to Super TV or Qiji box.

How do I cast to my TCL TV

iphone6s cast screen

iphone6s cast screen

What are the ways to cast screen on iphone 6s? If you have read the above, you should already know that there are several ways to cast your Apple phone to the TV. The most important thing is that you can watch movies or TV shows on your TV in order to bring us the ultimate viewing experience, so if you are interested, you should try it out.