Instructional strategies for co teaching models Teacher, do you want to know?

Instructional strategies for co teaching models


In the past, we divided teachers into excellent teachers and ordinary teachers. Their essence is the same, but their abilities are different. But in the dual-teacher classroom, the teaching model of “real-time lectures by online famous teachers + targeted guidance by offline assistant teachers”, the main lecturer and the tutor are not simply a difference in ability, but two completely different “business scopes”. The combination of dual teachers is more conducive to the teaching career.

The teaching mode of “real-time lectures by online famous teachers + targeted guidance by offline assistant teachers” in dual-teacher classrooms can restore offline teaching scenarios to the greatest extent and cater to students’ learning habits. Together with the empowerment of high-tech equipment, it can more inspire students Learning interest improves the learning effect to a certain extent, and realizes the effectiveness of 1+1>2.

The division of labor between two divisions can produce more efficiency

Online: Leading lecturers can be regarded as “teaching stars” to some extent. They not only need to have teaching skills, but also learn how to do well in class, which is similar to “performance skills.”

Offline: The task of the tutor is to accompany the students’ learning and growth. Although they do not need “performance skills”, they need high emotional intelligence and the ability to keenly discover student problems and adjust them.

In traditional classrooms, a teacher must not only teach, but also observe the reactions of students, as well as interaction and answering questions after class. Comparing the two teaching modes, it is not difficult to find that the effective division of the two functions of teaching teachers and tutors in a dual-teacher classroom can improve teaching efficiency and students’ learning effects.

Online: The core advantage of online courses is that they are not limited to time and place, and the content of the course can be repeated. An excellent teacher can teach multiple classes at the same time…

Offline: Tutors can understand the actual situation of students according to students’ interaction, answer questions after class, etc. Methods and systems have steadily improved results.

Excellent online lecturers teach live lectures, and institutional tutors provide classroom implementation services such as personalized Q&A, targeted guidance, checking for omissions, and consolidation exercises. The two teachers have a clear division of labor, and truly achieve the perfect combination of’learning’ and’practice’, making learning more effective.

The degree of cooperation between the double divisions determines whether it is a “double division” or a “double loss”

The outstanding point of online teachers lies in the teaching of teaching content and teaching methods. Offline teachers need high emotional intelligence, have the ability to keenly detect student problems and adjust them, and timely feedback students’ conditions to online teachers. If either of the two teachers can’t keep up with the rhythm, then the “double teacher” will become “double loss”.

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