Huawei p40pro how to project games onto TV

Huawei p40pro how to project games onto TV

A user asked, “How to project games on Huawei mobile p40pro to TV, for example I want to project Chicken and King’s Glory on TV.”

A: “You need to use our (AWIND Qiji) wireless screen projector, the delay is within 30 seconds, I can video show you the effect of playing chicken on my side ……” AWIND Qiji wireless screen projector delay is generally within 30 milliseconds, fully It can meet the current chicken, glory of the king and other games cast screen (PS: mainly because now the network has become better).

Huawei mobile p40pro how to project games onto TV

Mobile Phone TV Casting

Even if the TV supports wireless screen casting/multi-screen interaction, our Apple phones can mirror the screen directly (just a little bit stuck), Huawei phones are not able to mirror the screen casting, you need to use professional tools to solve.

With the help of AWIND strange machine wireless screen casters, Huawei mobile phone p40pro cast screen TV games

1, through the HDMI cable to connect the screen casters box and TV, mobile phones open the browser to scan the TV on the QR code, download ESHOW software (PS: AWIND strange machine wireless screen casters supporting ESHOW software than Huawei mobile phone p40pro comes with a better wireless screen casting, you can also not download).

2, to wireless screen casters box plug into the Internet cable; mobile phones connected to the router WIFI;

3, start ESHOW software on the phone to connect to the wireless screen casters, complete the mirroring of the phone and TV screen casting; if you do not download ESHOW, directly open the settings – more connections – wireless screen casting – – – wireless screen casters ID, complete -Wireless screen casters ID, complete mirror casting.

4, open the stimulation battlefield or the glory of the king on the phone.

Mobile phone cast screen TV

Warm tips: when the TV supports wireless screen casting/multi-screen interaction premise.

Nowadays, almost all Android phones can’t directly cast games, web pages and other content freely on the TV when they are cast to the TV, while Apple phones can directly mirror the screen to the TV. But we can mirror our Android phones to the TV with the help of professional screen casting tools.


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