How to use wireless screen mirroring

How to use wireless screen mirroring

Our conference room has long been unchanged, projector + curtain + whiteboard, the meeting of the three treasures occupy half of the mountain, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the meeting, before the meeting to debug half a day equipment, connected to a bunch of wires, the meeting demonstration PPT, but also have to hold their own computer to connect the conference room projector.

How to use wireless screen mirroring

Wireless screen projector how to use

With wireless screen thrower everything becomes different, the display screen can be a projector, conference tablet, splicing screen …… office equipment has also become a variety, especially the light office era of cell phones, tablets directly connected to the wireless screen thrower WIFI can cast screen, the most important thing is that we finally do not need a large pile of cables and a variety of adapter, with a wireless screen thrower, before the meeting plugged into the power, everything together, sharing the content of the meeting becomes soeasy.

What is a wireless screen mirroring?

Wireless screen thrower has a receiver box and the transmitter [USB button or APP software], is a professional cross-platform device, equivalent to a bridge between a variety of screen display devices, simply put, whether or not to support multi-screen interaction between screens, the receiver screen only needs HDMI or VGA interface, the signal side only needs to be able to connect to WIFI can wirelessly cast screen.

What is the wireless screen mirroring?

How to use wireless screen mirroring

1、Connect the receiver box of the wireless screen thrower with the big screen through HDMI or VGA cable.

2、Integrate the wireless screen thrower into the company LAN through the network cable.

3, Android devices, Windows devices by downloading and installing the matching send-side software for screen casting; Apple IOS system devices through their own screen mirroring for screen casting. PS: Android devices, Windows devices come with Miracast casting function is not stable, casting experience effect is general, AWIND strange machine wireless screen casting device although support Miracast casting, but it is recommended to use the supporting APP casting to increase the effect of casting screen].

Wireless Screen Casting Conference

Special support for wireless screen casters

Take the wireless casting screen function of the cell phone wireless casting screen conference tablet as an example, there are more god operation, it supports up to 8 devices connected to the screen at the same time, you can freely switch the contents of the display at any time, but also to achieve the display of four split screens, compare data or compare the draft when particularly convenient.

During the wireless screen casting process, the large screen end can be smooth intelligent writing, PPT with the page annotations, call the small blackboard, the large screen end and personal mobile end can also achieve two-way operation, the large screen editing content will be instantly synchronized to the computer end, the mobile side can also be directional control of the large screen, brainstorming how you want to stir are no longer limited by the device, after the meeting scan the QR code can also take away all the annotated content, so that the notepad also It is so simple and efficient.

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