How to use miracast on android tv

How to use miracast on android tv

In fact, Miracast is the certification name of Wi-Fi Alliance (Wi-Fi Alliance) for devices that support Wi-Fi Display. The devices certified by Miracast will maintain the support and compatibility of Wi-FiDisplay function to the greatest extent. It can be seen that Miracast is investigating NM-FiDisplay (the follow-up will no longer distinguish between Miracast and V^nFiDisplay). The core function of WiFiDisplay is to allow devices to share video and audio data through Wi-Fi wireless networks.

How to use miracast on android tv

Miracas support architecture: 11n/WMM/WPA2—WiFi_ProtectSetup—WiFi_Direct—WiFi_Miracast

WiFi_Direct: Wi-FiP2P, which supports direct connection and communication of two Wi-Fi devices without AP (AccessPoint).

WiFi_ProtectSetup: Used to help users automatically configure Wi-Fi networks, add Wi-Fi devices, etc.

11n/WMM/WPA2: where lln refers to the 802.11n protocol: WMM stands for Wi-FiMultiMedia, which is a QoS service for real-time video data; and WPA2 stands for Wi-FiProtectedAccess version 2, which is mainly used to perform data transmission Encryption protection.

In the above-mentioned technology exhibition, most of the functions are implemented by hardware manufacturers. In Android, the most important two basic technologies for Miracast are:

One is Wi-FiDirect, which is managed and controlled by WifiP2pService in Android;

The second is Wi-FiMultiMedia. In order to support Miracast, Android4.2 has also modified the MultiMedia system.

Miracast uses the session as a unit to manage the interactive work between two devices. The main steps include (in order):

How to use miracast on android tv

DeviceDiscovery: Use Wi-FiP2P to find nearby devices that support Wi-FiP2P.

DeviceSelection: When device A discovers device B, device A will prompt the user. “Users can choose whether to pair with device BSi according to their needs.

ConnectionSetup: Wi-FiP2P fast connection between Source and Display settings” According to Wi-FiDirect technical specifications, this step includes establishing a GroupOwner and a Client. After that, the two devices will establish a TCP connection, and at the same time a terminal U used for the RTSP protocol will be used for subsequent Session management and control.

CapabilityNegotiation: Before officially transmitting the video data, the Source and Display devices must exchange some Miracast parameter bits. For example, the video format supported by both parties, the second # negotiation can continue before the subsequent process can be continued.

SessionEstablishmentandStreaming: After the previous step is completed, the Source and Display devices will quickly establish a MiracastSession, and then you can start to transmit video data after ifil. The video data on the Source side will be encoded by MPEG2TS and then transmitted to the Display device through the RTP protocol. The Dispiay device will decode the received data and display it.

UserInputbackchannelset: This is an optional step, which is mainly used to process some control operations initiated by the user during the transmission process. These control data are transferred between the Source and Display devices via TCP.

PayloadComrol: During the transmission process, the device can dynamically adjust the transmission data and format according to the strength of the wireless multiplexer, and even the electrical status of the device. The adjustable content includes compression rate, alignment format, resolution, etc.

Sessionteardown: Stop the entire Session.

In summary, Miracast is essentially a Wi-Fi-based network application that includes the server and client. The server and client must support network protocols such as RTP/RTSP and corresponding codec technologies.


Mirroring an Android Smartphone screen to an Android TV box is easy to do using Miracast.

Some Android TV boxes do not have Miracast built-in so be sure to check your box specifications.

Not all Android devices have the same layout or even use the same terminology.

While an Android TV box layout may differ between boxes the main thing to enable is the Miracast option usually inside the app section.

Android smartphones can also differ in layout and terminology when enabling Miracast.

Most smartphone screens can be swiped from the top and will give an option for Quick Connect, Mirroring, or Mirror Share.

How to Mirror Your Screen to an Android TV Box Using Miracast

1.On your Android TV box Go To Apps

How to Mirror your Screen to Android TV Box Using Miracast Step 1

    1. Find and select Miracast

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