How to turn your mobile phone into a router

How to turn your mobile phone into a router

The problem of no internet or WiFi connection is the problem that modern people face when using mobile phones. After all, if you don’t have internet access, you can’t get back to work, you can’t brush your headlines, you can’t play chicken games, these are the big things, don’t you think? The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

1、Personal hotspot

This function is basically every mobile phone will have, and set the operation are similar, so I will not be divided into brands, the general operation of the steps (so you always say that I advertise ……), I believe that smart as you must learn it ~ ~

The first thing you need to do is open your phone’s [Settings], find the [Personal Hotspot] and open it.

Then turn on the small switch to the right of [WLAN Hotspot] and click on [Password Configuration] for the next step.

The phone becomes a router in seconds


2, set the password

After entering the [password configuration] page, click [password] to enter a custom password, it is recommended that the combination of numbers and letters, but do not set the default password so irregular, so that when you share it with friends, enter the password to a lot of work.

After setting the password, you can also customise the [Network Name], again by clicking on this name you can bring up the input method for text input, it is recommended not to use Chinese, as some phones cannot recognise WiFi with Chinese names.

The phone turns into a router in seconds

3、Single sharing limit

Finally, it is better to set a good single sharing limit, so that the traffic will not be accidentally used up by friends to deduct the phone bill ……

Go back to just the [Personal Hotspot] interface, click on [Single Sharing Limit], and select the traffic in the pop-up menu.


How can I cast my TV wirelessly on my mobile phone with a hotspot?

The phone’s WIFI and hotspot don’t work at the same time, which means our phone consumes our phone card traffic when sharing the hotspot, not our WIFI. so when wirelessly casting the screen, we can use two phones to get it done.

First share the hotspot with our old phone and let our TV connect to the hotspot.

Then use the other phone to connect to the hotspot as well, and then do a wireless screen cast from the phone to the TV. (The prerequisite is that our TV supports the WIFI_DISPLAY function)

This will only consume the traffic used to cast the screen, the screen is not consuming traffic, do not need to worry about what double traffic consumption.

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