How to setup dual monitors with hdmi

How to setup dual monitors with hdmi

The multi-display platform can not only create a wider working space for users but also bring a more shocking visual feast for players. Through clever settings, one computer can play the role of multiple computers. AWIND [Computer One Machine Multi-screen Solution] can display 16 screens on the same screen, and can also achieve two display modes where 16 screens do not interfere with each other. Today, the editor of Odd Machine will introduce to you the simplest one-for-two-display mode on a computer.

how to setup dual monitors with hdmi

Simultaneous mirroring of 16 screens: Synchronously display the screen of a computer on 16 display screens.

16 screens do not interfere with each other: display the screen of a computer on 16 display screens simultaneously, each screen can be operated independently to display different content, in simple terms, the content that needs to be displayed appears on a specific screen on.

Computer one for two monitors on the same screen hardware preparation

It generally includes a host, two (liquid crystal) displays, a multi-screen display stand, a set of AWIND wireless projection screen, and a matching keyboard and mouse. A set of keyboard and mouse can switch quickly, and each screen can display and run their programs independently.

One computer with two monitors on the same screen

How do I display different things on two monitors

how to setup dual monitors with hdmi

It is very simple to display on the same screen with one-to-two monitors on a computer, and it can be easily realized by directly using the principle of wireless projection.

1. Connect the host computer to one of the monitors through the HDMI cable to form our common computer system;

2. Connect another display screen to the wireless projection box via HDMI cable;

3. Plug in the USB button on the computer or install a sender APP;

4. When the USB button indicator light is always on, press the USB button; the APP sender only needs to double-click to start it.

How to setup dual monitors with hdmi

Through this simple operation, the computer screen will be on the same screen as the second screen. By changing the same screen mode of the wireless projection box, we can also expand the computer’s one-to-two monitors. There are [Mirror Mode] and [Extended Mode] for users to choose on the same screen. If you want the computer to drag two displays on the same screen, select [Mirror Mode], if you want to use the second screen as an extended screen, select [Screen Extension].

Through the wireless same screen, not only get rid of the trouble of cables, the key point is to get rid of the traditional complicated settings. Because before we connected through HDMI cable or VGA cable, we still need to go through complicated settings to achieve one-to-two monitors on the computer. Now not only the operation becomes simpler, but even the mode [mirror/extension] can also be freely selected.

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