How to set up AWIND’s wireless same screen device

How to set up AWIND’s wireless same screen device

Everyone knows the role of the wireless same screen device. It is a professional cross-product platform equipment. According to the market segmentation, the current wireless simultaneous screen devices mainly include the same screen for business meetings, the same screen for teaching in smart classrooms and the same screen for home TV. The wireless simultaneous screen of the AWIND odd machine is mainly for business meeting projection and smart classroom teaching.

How to set up AWIND's wireless same screen device

The composition of the wireless screen device

The AWIND wireless screen device is composed of two parts: a wireless screen receiving end and a sending end. The receiving end is a box similar to the size of a router, and the sending end includes: software APP and USB buttons.

Wireless screen projection

1. Connect the receiver box of the wireless same-screen device to the display screen via HDMI cable or VGA cable [projector, TV, all-in-one];

2. Make the wireless same screen box and our mobile phones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices in the same local area network. Simple type: mobile phones, tablets, notebooks are directly connected to the WIFI of the wireless same screen box. This way of directly connecting to the same screen, except for iPhones and tablets that can cast screens while surfing the Internet, neither Android nor Windows computers can surf the Internet. Practical type: Connect the Internet cable to the wireless same screen box to connect to the router, so that it is practical to use the same screen while surfing the Internet.

3. Apple mobile phones and tablets directly use the built-in screen mirroring function to cast screens; Android phones and Windows computers use APP software to cast screens; computers can plug in USB keys to cast screens.


AWIND wireless screen device background function introduction:

Settings: network settings [change wireless transmission frequency band 2.4G/5G]; video output settings

, same screen code setting [a verification password when projecting], multicast setting [multiple wireless projection groups Broadcast].

Maintenance: setting status display [display device IP/subnet mask/SSID/frequency band/channel], restore factory settings [a button to restore factory settings], password [change the password, you need to enter the password and the new password twice It’s OK], restart [restart], open the standby screen update [change the wallpaper, screen saver], upgrade [system upgrade].

Help: System version description.

Wireless same screen device background settings

1. Connect the wireless same-screen device to the large screen via HDMI cable, and then power on;

2. When the main interface enters the default standby interface, there is the version model in the upper left corner; WIFI_IP [default IP address:], WIFI_SSID [WIFI], four-digit same-screen code, and the following is the same-screen tutorial for PC and mobile.

Use mobile phone, tablet, computer to enter the background:

3. Connect your mobile phone to our WIFI_SSID [that is, wireless WIFI], enter the default password [12345678] to connect; desktop computers need to plug in an Internet cable to the wireless projection box;

4. Open the browser on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, and enter WIFI_IP [] to enter the device background. [Enter login account and password], you can change it under [Settings] [Maintenance] as needed.

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