How to protect childrens eyes during remote learning

how to protect childrens eyes during remote learning

There is still no resumption of classes at the moment. Many schools teach online or directly post lecture videos on WeChat or QQ groups by teachers. Students learn on their mobile phones and computers. Just like my cousin’s third year of junior high school, during the epidemic, teachers posted teaching videos in the QQ group, and then downloaded them to learn on the phone. One thing my cousin often said is that her eyes are all black, and she can’t see things clearly. This is a junior high school student, and only a few days away. Fortunately, I also have a prototype of the AWIND wireless screen mirroring device at home. I hurriedly sent it over. My cousin said it was easy to use and my eyes were much more comfortable.

how to protect childrens eyes during remote learning

The main function of the wireless screen mirror is to display small screens such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers on the big screen through wireless WIFI, so that we have a good video viewing environment.

When we usually watch TV on mobile phones and tablets, as long as the time is long, our eyes are dark, let alone students studying on mobile phones for a long time. Therefore, we can effectively alleviate the eye fatigue of students by magnifying the screens of mobile phones and tablets onto the TV. On the one hand, it allows students to watch the teaching content more clearly, and on the other hand, it also protects the eyesight of students. Why not do it?

The main advantages of wireless screen mirroring are: improved video viewing environment [big screen clearer], easier resource sharing, and more convenient online discussion.

1. The big screen is clearer and the eyesight of environmental students

Although it’s very convenient to watch videos on mobile phones, it’s always a small screen, and the effect of watching videos or playing games is not shocking enough. Nowadays, TV screens are not only getting bigger and bigger, but the definition is getting better and better. Therefore, through the easy-to-use wireless projection The screen software projects the video from the mobile phone to the TV to get a large field of view, and the high-definition resolution also allows the details in the video to be clear, meeting everyone’s needs for watching videos on a large screen.

wireless screen mirroring

2. Resource sharing is easier

When some people are doing training, if they have some valuable materials in their hands that need to be shared and learned with others, then as long as everyone is covered by the same mobile network, they can share these precious materials through wireless projection. It can also ensure the synchronization of the reading of the data, so as to better grasp the progress of everyone’s learning.

3. Online discussion is more convenient

Through wireless screen mirroring, relevant personnel can be convened to conduct temporary online discussions. As long as the plan you make is transmitted to other personnel in the way of screen mirroring, everyone will be able to see the same information. When explaining and remarks, everyone can see it clearly, which is conducive to convenient discussion of the project plan and improves everyone’s work efficiency.

how to protect childrens eyes during remote learning

how to protect childrens eyes during remote learning

The domestic wireless screen mirroring device started relatively late compared to European and American countries, but our popularity is faster, and the use trend is even more exploding. The wireless screen mirror is originally a meeting artifact, but its simple to use and affordable wireless screen mirror is not only recognized in business meetings, but also recognized by many users for home use. I also learned that some people don’t use home screen mirroring much, but in order to protect the eyesight of the next generation, what is a wireless screen mirroring device?

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