How to Mirror Two TVs Wirelessly?-All you need in this blog

How to Mirror Two TVs Wirelessly?-All you need in this blog

Many people have multiple TVs in their homes and would like to watch a program on two screens. It might be a problem for some people who do not know how to mirror two TVs wirelessly. If you have a smart TV, follow this guide to see if it is possible to mirror your TV’s display.

how to mirror two tvs wirelessly

how to mirror two TVs wirelessly


How to Mirror Two Tvs Wirelessly?

More families have more than one television set at home. You may wonder how to connect your TV to a TV without cables. You can sort out this problem by reading the following tip.

Mirroring a television screen to broadcast information to the whole room is a great way to do so. Video-streaming services, like Netflix and Youtube, are becoming a normal part of daily life and browser-based applications, like Skype, make it easy. You also need to ensure that you have high-quality sharing Wi-Fi. Actually, it has also been applied in wireless conference rooms.

By reading the following blog, and following the steps one by one, you will know how to mirror two TVs wirelessly.

What Do You Need to Mirror Two Tvs Wirelessly?

You can watch the same thing on different TVs without a wired connection. To know how to mirror two tvs wirelessly, you need to mirror your TV’s signal via Wi-Fi.

To mirror a video on two TVs, you need both a wireless receiver and an HDMI transmitter.

Connect the transmitter to the TV’s HDMI port, then connect it with the receiver to your second TV’s HDMI.

Check the receiver and transmitter pair if you don’t see the same visual. You can tell the transmitter is paired when you get a flashing light on the receiver and vice versa. It’s really simple: buy an HDMI transmitter and receiver, plug in both pieces to your TV, point the remote at the transmitter, and voila! An easy cable-free solution.

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Actually, you can consider our following products:

First: use our Awind A-800 or Awind A-810, Awind A-800+, Awind A-900

These products have dual-screen or quad-screen functions, which means that more than two screens can be mirrored simultaneously.
First of all: use 2 HDMI cable links to link 2 TVs to one of our devices,
Then: Install and open ESHOW with a computer, connect our key device to the USB port
Finally, by pressing the key, the same screen can be realized,

Second: With Awind wp 2200, 2 TVs with an Android system can be realized on the same screen.
First of all: Install our ESHOW software on 2 TV sets,
Then: Use 2 HDMI cable links to link 2 TVs to our Awind2200.
Finally: Set the LAN of 2 TVs on the same network segment. In this way, the same screen can be realized.

How to Mirror Two TVs Wirelessly

Computer (notebook), smart TV
Ren Yiping
Steps to realize one-screen projection and multiple screens:

1. Both the projection terminal (computer) and the projected terminal (TV) download and install “Ren Yiping”. The computer can directly download the latest version of windows from the official website, and the TV terminal can be downloaded from the TV application market. Follow the prompts to install and run;

How to quickly cast multiple TV terminals on one computer?

2. Connect these devices (computer, TV) to the same router, which can be a network cable connection or a wireless wifi connection;

3. Start the software, find the TV device that needs to be projected on the screen of the computer, select it, and click the “projection” button at the bottom of the screen to make the computer screen appear on the two TVs successfully and achieve the same screen display

Steps to Connect Two Tvs Wirelessly?

If you have two TVs in your home and want to be able to watch the same content on both, you can easily connect both TVs wirelessly by following the steps given below:

  1. Using the Ethernet cable connects one of the TVs with the wireless router.
  2. Select the menu and check the network setting on the other TV. After this, Select the Wireless in the connection type and search for the available networks.
  3. Choose the available network router and set the password.
  4. Once both TVs are connected to the router, both TVs must show the same content.

Advantages to mirroring Two TVs Simultaneously?

After knowing how to mirror two TVs wirelessly, some people may ask what is the advantages of mirroring two TVs simultaneously. In fact, there are plenty of advantages. Let’s have a quick look at some major advantages of mirroring two TVs simultaneously:

Easily switchWith a football game on one screen and a table tennis game on the other, you can quickly switch your focus to whichever game is more interesting.
Uses for productivityIf you are dealing with the same project that requires research from multiple sources, you can have those sources open on one screen while you work on the other.
Watch the same contentYou can watch the same content on both screens at the same time.

FAQs | Mirror Two TVs Wirelessly

Can You Mirror Two TVs?

If you have ever wondered if you can mirror two TVs, the answer is yes! You can do this, depending on the type of TV that you have. If you have a smart TV, you may be able to use the built-in mirroring feature to do this.

Alternatively, several applications allow you to mirror your screen from one device to another. To reflect two TVs, you first need to ensure that both TVs are turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network. As we mentioned previously about how to mirror two TVs wirelessly, you can consider our products or solutions we provide.

Once they are opened up, the app you will use to mirror your screen. On most apps, you will need to select the “source” TV, which is the TV you want to mirror, and then select the “destination” TV, which is the TV you want to display the mirrored image.

Once you have done this, simply start playing whatever content you want to mirror on the source TV, and it should appear on the destination TV in real time! As we have explained, this is how to mirror two TVs wirelessly.

Can You Wirelessly Connect Two TVs?

Yes, it is possible to connect multiple televisions using wireless technology. This can be done by connecting your television to a networked device, such as an Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Amazon Fire Stick.

This means that you can stream content from any of these devices to another one. A splitter allows you to split a single HDMI input into several outputs. So, for example, you could use it to send the same video signal to two different displays at once.

How to Mirror Two TVs Wirelessly

How Do I Synchronise Two Smart TVs Wirelessly?

Having two smart TVs in your home can be a great way to stay connected with your family and friends. Luckily, you can follow simple steps to ensure your smart TVs are always in sync.

1. Keep your firmware up to date: 

Like any other electronic device, smart TVs need occasional updates to keep them running smoothly. Make sure to check the updates regularly and install them whenever they come available.

2. Use the same Wi-Fi network: 

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If your smart TVs use different Wi-Fi networks, they will not be able to stay in sync with each other. Make sure your TVs are connected to the same network before you try to sync them.

3. Set up automatic synchronization: 

Many smart TV models nowadays come with the ability to automatically synchronize their content with each other. This means that as long as your TVs are turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network, they should always be showing the same thing. Consult your TV’s manual to see if this feature is available on your model.

How Do You Mirror a TV to a TV?

You can mirror a TV to a TV in a few different ways. The easiest and most simple way is to use an HDMI cable. This will allow you to connect your two TVs and mirror the image on one TV to the other.

Another way to mirror a TV is to use a wireless connection. This is typically done using a Wi-Fi connection and will allow you to connect your two TVs without any cables.


Wirelessly mirroring two TVs is a great way to share content between them without having to run any cables. This article mentions two easy and simple methods; now, it depends on your step-up specification. Our guide will help you to figure out how to connect two TVs wirelessly so that you can now enjoy watching your favorite content on both screens simultaneously. After explaining how to mirror two TVs wirelessly, if you have any further questions about our products, please consult us.


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