Case study: How to mirror the screen from multi devices to multi devices wirelessly?

In the previous blogs, we have introduced some cases of how to mirror the screen from multiple devices to one screen or from one device to multi-screen.  You can make a quick reference according to the link below. In this blog, we shall share how to mirror screens from multi devices to multi devices wirelessly.

How do I share my screen with multiple devices?

How to mirror multiple device screens to one device? 

How to mirror the screen from multi devices to multi devices wirelessly?

This comes from a confirmed case of one of our clients. Several months ago, we received an email and the client telling us about their basic need and we propose our unique solution.

How to mirror the screen from multi devices to multi devices wirelessly?

Basic needs:

The user had 8 devices as senders such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc. They would like to display the screen on a large Huawei tablet in the conference room so that they can make discussions. And at the same time, they needed to synchronize the content on this large screen to other displays, a total of 18 large screens.

Actually, if you have read our previous article, we have introduced our wireless presentation system devices have a unique function that is it can realize 9 split screen displays on a monitor. (You can make a reference to this blog )

So in theory, the clients can buy 18 AWIND 9 split screen wireless presentation system devices to solve this problem. But the problem is that the 9 split screen is a lit bit expensive, so the clients say that they have a limited budget that cannot accept this proposal.

Our solution

After the communication, we proposed a solution that the client could use one set of 9 screens wireless display system devices with 17 sets of single-screen wireless mirror devices. But these devices support the source transfer of the single-screen wireless presentation system to achieve the synchronization of 8 mobile phones/computers on 18 screens in a multi-to-multi screen mirroring needs.

So on the one hand, the clients’ need has been satisfied and on the hand, the solution is within their budget.  After several days, we helped them install the device and guide them on how to use it. Later they told us that the conference was really a huge success and that all the devices and systems run smoothly without any lag. We feel quite happy and glad to hear that.

How to mirror the screen from multi devices to multi devices wirelessly?

Setting up AWIND wireless presentation system to screen mirror multiple devices

Firstly, we need 1 – 8 mobile phones, and computers as the initial signal source to mirror the screen on the Huawei conference tablet or other monitors. In this process, we need a nine-split screen AWIND wireless presentation system. As we have introduced before, our devices have very stable performance that other companies cannot do.

Secondly, through the signal source transfer of the wireless presentation system, we can use the whole Huawei conference screen tablet or other monitors as the signal source and then synchronize it to other display screens. Under such circumstances, it will only require a single-screen wireless presentation system device, which is not that expensive that can help the clients save lots of money.

The advantage of AWIND multi to multi device wireless presentation

1. Multiple types of sender devices

The Awind wireless presentation system is an ideal tool for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The system supports all kinds of sender devices, including mobile phones, iPhones, tablets, laptops, and so on. And users can choose from 1 up to 9 sender devices according to their needs. The system also features a built-in screen-sharing function that makes it easy to share presentations and documents with colleagues or clients. In addition, the Awind wireless presentation system is easy to set up and use, making it a great choice for busy professionals who need a reliable and user-friendly presentation solution.

2. multiple display screens

Awind wireless presentation system currently supports 254 display screen syncs, making it perfect for large-scale presentations. The system is easy to set up and use, and it provides a clear and concise interface for users. Additionally, the Awind system is compatible with a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used in a wide range of settings. In China, many companies may choose Huawei or other made in china monitors or screens, but it also supports brands or products from other countries.

3. cheap price

Through the efforts of Awind employees, we have helped our clients reduce their costs and realize the project within their budgets. At Awind, we are proud to have a team of dedicated employees who are committed to helping our clients save money and stay on budget. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and objectives, and then we develop creative solutions that deliver results.

How to mirror the screen from multi devices to multi devices wirelessly?

4. unique and customized solution

Awind has always been dedicated to providing unique and customized wireless presentation system solutions for our clients in order to solve their problems. We understand that each of our clients has different needs and that’s why we offer a wide range of products and services that can be customized to meet the specific requirements of any customer.

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to share presentations with colleagues in another room or you need a more complex system that can handle multiple users and large amounts of data, we can provide a solution that fits your needs. We’re always dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients, and our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you may have.


Mirroring the screen from multi devices to multi devices wirelessly is quite useful nowadays in business conferences. Being able to mirror screens between multiple devices can be incredibly helpful in business conferences, as it allows all attendees to see the same information at the same time. Mirroring screens between devices is an essential tool for modern businesses and one that can help businesses stay connected and productive.

So if you have any queries about the wireless presentation system, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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