How to mirror phone to any tv

Three ways of mobile phone wireless screen mirroring

Mobile phone wireless screen mirroring currently mainly has two application scenarios, home and commercial applications, and the way of mobile phone screen mirroring is mainly divided into three situations.

Phone screen mirroring

One: system screen mirroring

How to mirror phone to any tv

The so-called system screen mirroring refers to those TV systems that have wireless projection functions.

Due to the variety of Android systems, various manufacturers call projection screens differently, some are called wireless display, and some are called wireless projection. As long as you make sure that the TV and your mobile phone are in the same WiFi environment, turn on the TV’s built-in projection function and turn on the projection option on your mobile phone at the same time, you can search for the TV. After clicking the connection, the content on the mobile phone can be directly projected to the TV. On it.

The iPhone is even simpler. Pull down to pull out the control center, long press (or press again) the “Screen mirroring” button, you can see your own TV, just connect directly, and disconnect is the same operation.

Limitations: It can only project the local audio and video content of the mobile phone, and cannot display it in full screen.

Phone screen mirroring

The second type: screen mirroring in the App

If you just want to watch a drama or watch a video, it is relatively more stable to choose a screencast in the App. At present, all major video software integrates the screen projection function, which is generally integrated in the player interface. Find the screen projection button [TV] logo on the playback interface, click to select the home TV, and the content will be cast on the TV.

Limitations: Only support programs in the video APP that support wireless projection with the [TV] logo (resource limited).

Phone screen mirroring

The third type: through wireless screen mirroring

How to mirror phone to any tv

The main function of the wireless screen mirror is to connect multiple screens to ensure that multiple screens can interact with multiple screens in the same local area network. The AWIND wireless screen mirroring not only allows users to enjoy free screen projection, but also adapts to full-screen display, so it is very popular among users in business meeting rooms and multimedia classrooms.

Limitations: As a professional hardware device, the wireless screen mirrorer needs to be purchased.

Summary: In professional application scenarios, using the correct mobile phone screen projection method allows us to enjoy the convenience of mobile
phone wireless screen mirroring more freely.

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