How to mirror macbook screen to ipad

How to mirror macbook screen to ipad

On October 15, 2019, Apple’s macOS has been updated to the new version of Catalina. The biggest highlight of this version is that it can enable mac devices to cast screens on iPad devices, which means that we can already use iPad as an extended screen for Macbook. Come to use it, don’t know if there are any friends to experience it?

Haha, I believe that many friends have started to try, but most of them ended in failure, don’t rush to vomit, in fact, you want to use the Miracast protocol to mirror the Mac screen to the Windows computer using the Miracast protocol. There are also many conditions.

How to mirror macbook screen to ipad

Macbook screen mirroring ipad

According to a white paper released by Apple, there are certain equipment requirements to use the Sidecar screen mirroring function:

Macbook aspect

The first is to have a 6th-generation processor or later version of the Mac computer equipped with Skylake architecture, including 2016 or later MacBook and MacBookPro, and 2018 or later MacBookAir. Second: In terms of all-in-one machines, it needs to be iMac from 2015 and iMac mini and iMacPro from 2018.

iPad side

The iPad needs to support ApplePencil’s iPad models, including the sixth-generation iPad, the second-generation iPadmini, the third-generation iPad air, and all-series iPadPro. Of course, these devices also need to be updated to the latest iPadOS13 and log in to the same AppleID as the desktop.

The connection method is also divided into wired and wireless. For wired connection, use the USB-CtoLightning cable. After connecting, follow the prompts. In a wireless environment, both the Mac device and the iPad need to be connected to the same WIFI. At this time, an iPad button will appear in the status bar at the top of the Mac, and you can click to start the screen projection.


If the Macbook or iPad does not meet the demand, shouldn’t we be unable to mirror the ipad on the mac?

Of course not. Through the AWIND wireless screen mirroring device, not only the Macbook can be mirrored to the ipad, but also the iPad can be mirrored to the Macbook.

AWIND  wireless screen mirroring device

Macbook projection iPad and iPad screen mirroring Macbook operation

1. Place the wireless screen mirror and Macbook and iPad in the same local area network [plug a network cable into the Lan interface of the wireless screen mirror, and connect the Macbook and iPad to the WIFI of the router];

2. Both Macbook and iPad download and install the APP software that matches the wireless projection screen [only need to download and install the receiving end, and the sending end uses its own screen mirroring];

3. If you use a Macbook to receive, first start the APP on the Macbook and connect to the wireless projector. The iPad connects to the wireless projector through screen mirroring, so that our iPad screen appears on the Macbook; the reverse is also true. In short, start the receiving APP first, and then cast the screen.

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