How to make screen mirroring smoother?

How to deal with AWIND’s wireless screen mirroring smoother

Many people have encountered the phenomenon of wireless screen mirroring smoother. For example, our AWIND , as a professional wireless screen mirroring device manufacturer, when a customer uses our wireless screen mirroring device and finds that there is a smoother phenomenon during the projection process, you can directly consult us. processed by after-sales technicians. For commercial wireless screen mirroring, the basic premise is that the wireless screen mirroring is smooth and not smoother. Our technicians will deal with the smoother situation caused by different reasons

1.Outdated equipment system

For now, the lag caused by the old system is one of the main reasons. As a 19-year-old wireless screen mirroring manufacturer, AWIND has often used the feedback from old customers for 7 or 8 years that the screen has become smoother. At the same time, our technicians will give remote online guidance to update the system according to the equipment model. Send a new version of the system on WeChat, and replace it under guidance.

  1. 4G/5G frequency band setting

AWIND wireless screen mirroring are all 2.4G and 5G dual-band signals. The advantages of the 2.4G frequency band are long transmission distance, good wall penetration performance, and high anti-interference performance… The 5G signal frequency band lies in short-distance fast transmission, sometimes The user is set to the 2.4G frequency band, and only needs to be replaced at this time.

  1. Signal channel mode setting

The background of the AWIND wireless wireless screen mirroring is set with the signal channel mode. The default is to use the optimal channel, but a single channel can also be artificially selected, so you only need to set the default channel mode.

  1. Equipment failure

Equipment failure is relatively rare, at least in the few years I have been here, there has not been a single case of equipment failure. The treatment method, within the warranty period, will be returned to the factory for free maintenance, and if it is no longer within the warranty period, it will be dealt with through negotiation.  …

Other reasons are not described in detail.

All in all, as a professional wireless screen mirroring manufacturer, AWIND has a professional marketing model and after-sales service, and good service is also part of the brand value.

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