how to get screen from portrait to landscape

How to solve the problem that the vertical screen sharing screen is stretched

There are relatively few users who need to project their mobile phones and computers on the vertical screen display, but they all have one thing in common, that is, they have bought other brands of screen sharing or the same screen box, and then come to ask why the screen is stretched… How come it just goes full screen…

The principle is actually very simple. Most screen sharing and the same screen box do not have the function of switching between horizontal/vertical screen sharing. It can only support horizontal screen projection, so when we project the screen of the mobile phone to the vertical screen display, the screen will be stretched, even beyond the screen range and will not be displayed.

The detailed operation steps are as follows:

      Power on the screen sharing host – open WIFI on the mobile phone – select the WIFI name of ESHOWxxx – enter the password (12345678) – enter the background – settings – display settings – screen rotation – 90° (freely choose the rotation angle) – save, exit. Then perform screencasting, and the screencaster enters portrait mode at this time.  Our mobile phone directly casts the screen to realize the full-screen display of the mobile phone screen on the vertical screen display.

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