How To Choose Suitable Wireless Screen Projector

Are you wondering how to choose wireless screen projector for your need?


There are different types of wireless screen projectors designed for different applications.

You need to know your application field before choosing the wireless presentation device.

As leading wireless screen projector manufacturer with 19 years experience, Awind will teach you how to choose a suitable wireless presentation system to meet your specific need.

Home Entertainment Wireless Screen Projector

Home Entertainment Wireless Screen Projector

The price of home wireless screen projector is generally between $15 – $150.

Home wireless screen projector is mainly used for home audio and video entertainment, and are connected to LCD TVs and projectors.

The main method of use is to download the corresponding screencasting software to realize screencasting of video playback, live broadcast, games and other content.

Such products are cheap and cost-effective for home entertainment, but it will not work well if iy you want to use it in office.

Wireless Projector For Small Studios and Small Enterprises

There exist another type of wireless screen projector suitable for small meetings, small studios, and small enterprise meeting environments.

You need to install the screen projection software on the PC side in advance, it has poor security and slightly cumbersome operation, but it can also realize simple light office screen projection.

It is suitable for general start-up companies with cheap price although it is not convenient to operate.

High End Commercial Drive Free Wireless Projector

High end commercial drive free wireless projector by Awind

High end commercial drive free wireless projector is mainly used in large companies, famous schools, famous enterprises and governments, etc.

Its main feature is plug and play to realize one click projection without installing drivers, software and wires.

You will have a safety transmission process with commercial wireless projector as it encrypt your data to avoid data information leakage.

Wireless projector for business has excellent safety performance and can solve the current diversified conference and teaching scenarios requirement.

You just need to connect the receiving end and the transmitting end to the PC host and then press it gently to make one touch screen projection.

The commercial drive free wireless projector price is higher than home and small studios wireless screen projector.

However, commercial drive free wireless projector features in drive free, software free, wiring free, low delay and support multi screen interaction, multi person collaboration, one button switching, acting as a secondary screen, etc.

In short, you need to choose wireless projector according to your actual needs.

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