How to choose a wireless screen caster

How to choose a wireless screen caster

According to our regular shopping pattern, when buying a certain demanded product, we will shop around, look for all kinds of strategies online, from Baidu, postings to forums, seeking others’ recommendations and experiences. Even if you have made up your mind to choose a certain brand of product, you will have this concern and that concern. So how to choose a wireless screen projector?

How to choose a wireless screen caster AWIND wireless screen caster

AWIND wireless screen casters

The first point: demand determines everything. Users in the selection of wireless screen casters, first to clarify their needs, the current wireless screen casters from a few dozen to tens of thousands of dollars, only in the premise of meeting the demand, we have the need to compare the three, can not meet the demand for products, is the biggest waste.

AWIND’s wireless screen thrower is divided into the home of the strange machine X series, the general conference room of the strange machine A series, multimedia conference room, school teaching of the strange machine WIPG series.

The second point: the use of scenarios and cost performance. Today’s wireless screencasting devices are a signal end, a transmitter, the difference is the transmitter is software or hardware. Software is suitable for multi-person meetings, USB keys are suitable for meetings with a smaller number of people. Casting more people means more USB keys are needed, and more costs are needed.

AWIND wireless screen projection equipment according to the needs of the conference room, strange machine A series for USB transmitter, a device with a USB button, the general conference room in use, a button can be a key projection; strange machine WIPG series for APP transmitter, suitable for the use of multiple people and large-scale use.

How to choose a wireless screen caster AWIND wireless screen casters

Wireless Screen Projection

The third point: information security. Most of the wireless projection devices are used in the “business and education field”, so information security is especially important.

AWIND adopts the most original and effective information security management mode, which is fully open, allowing screen casting, access to external network and company LAN; semi-open, allowing screen casting, access to external network, not allowing access to LAN; fully closed, allowing screen casting, not allowing access to external network and LAN.

Fourth point: easy to manage. Wireless screen casting equipment maintenance, management is also a sore spot in the hearts of many IT maintenance staff. If only a small amount of okay, if the number of large, no technical content, but very time-consuming work, easy to make people bored.

AWIND has its own device backend management suite, IT maintenance staff just need to enter the suite management on the computer, you can set up all the devices in the LAN, if the demand is the same, you can also operate with one click.

How to choose a wireless screen caster AWIND wireless screen caster

AWIND wireless screen thrower

Fifth point: after-sales service. In fact, after-sales service is also when we choose a brand, try to choose a professional old brand manufacturer. After the fire of wireless screencasting, too many companies to carry out a “halfway” to do all-in-one machine, do projector is still related, some manufacturers are completely following the trend, which is also the market appeared in a variety of screencasting equipment roots.

AWIND was founded in 2003, 16 years only do wireless screencasting equipment, product free trial 7-10 days, within 1 year, only replace not repair the after-sales service so that users buy peace of mind, with peace of mind.

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