how to cast screen with iphone

How to cast screen with iphone

Nowadays, Android phones and Windows computers can cast screen directly through Miracast protocol, so can iphones cast screen directly with computers?

Apple phones come with Airplay screen mirroring, which is able to cast screen with MAC computer directly. In the same LAN environment, iphone comes with Airplay screen mirror can search to MAC computer.

how to cast screen with iphone

How to cast screen with computer on iphone

Iphone wireless cast screen MAC computer

1、Let the iphone and MAC computer be in the same LAN.

2, tap on the screen mirror of iphone, AppleTV automatically search for the device.

3、Select the MAC computer ID, and choose agree on the MAC computer. This way the iphone screen is casted wirelessly to MAC computer.

iphone wirelessly cast screen to Windows computer


The screen image of iphone can’t search Windows computer, it needs third party software and hardware.


Download and install the screen casting software on Windows computer and iphone respectively, then in the same LAN, the software is able to search for the for software system by itself, for example: Xunjie Wizard.

First of all, we have to open the computer device as well as the iPhone phone connected to the same WiFi wireless network on the same wireless router, which is the most important thing for the Apple phone to cast the screen.

Then open the settings on the iphone, enter the control center, click on the AirPlay function to search for available casting devices, when the search to the available to cast the screen after the cell phone will automatically connect to cast the screen, and at the same time will appear a and the computer with the same cast screen name, select can.



how to cast screen with iphone 01

Wireless screen casters as a professional cross-screen device, just one AWIND Qi machine wireless screen casters, iphone screen easily cast to the Windows computer.

First: connect the wireless screen thrower to the computer via HDMI cable.

Second: connect your Apple phone to the WIFI of the wireless screen casting device, or plug in the Internet cable to the device [so that the phone and wireless screen casting device in the same LAN can be].

Finally: open the screen mirror of the iphone and select the ID of the wireless screen caster, and choose to connect.

How to cast screen with the computer iphone, the partners learned? If it is office, teaching and other business screen casting, AWIND strange machine wireless screen casters more secure and reliable!

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