How to cast ipad screen to computer


How to cast ipad screen to computer

This morning, a netizen asked me on Quora: “How do I project the ipad to the computer? My friend’s Huawei mobile phone or tablet can be directly connected to my computer, but my ipad can’t search for devices?”

It is not difficult to see from this netizen’s words that his computer should be a Windows system, and the computer supports the Miracast projection protocol, so the Android system mobile phones and tablets can directly mirror the computer.

 ipad screen to computer

ipad screen to computer

The ipad cannot search for the device because: ipad uses the screen mirroring function that comes with the IOS system. Currently, the Windows system does not support the Airpaly projection screen protocol. With Apple’s emphasis on property rights, it is difficult for Microsoft to obtain the right to use the Airplay2 screen mirroring protocol.

My answer to this netizen is: “If you are using it for entertainment, there are now a lot of screen projection software that can be used to project the ipad to the computer. I can recommend it; if it is used for office, teaching and other formal occasions, you can use AWIND Qiji’s screen projector, we made this wireless screen projector, mainly for business meeting rooms and multimedia classrooms.”

Netizens replied: “Are your screen projectors available for both Android and IOS?”

“Wireless screen mirroring support smart phones, tablets, notebooks, and desktop computers on hardware devices, and support Android, IOS, Windows, MAC and other systems on the system. As long as the display has an HDMI interface or a VGA interface, devices can cast screens.

 ipad screen to computer

Computer screen phone

The connection method of mobile phone, tablet, computer wireless projection screen is relatively simple

1. Connect the receiver box of the wireless screen projector to the display screen through an HDMI cable, and power on the wireless screen projector;

2. The AP hotspot of the smart phone and tablet connected to the wireless projector [AWIND wireless projector comes with AP hotspot, it doesn’t matter if there is no network];

3. Android phones and tablets-settings-more connections-multi-screen interaction-complete the screen projection from the mobile phone to the display screen [the built-in projection function of the Android phone];

Apple mobile phone, tablet-screen mirroring-complete the screen projection from the mobile phone to the large display screen [the projection function of the Apple mobile phone];

Computers, laptops, and MACs use USB buttons or HDMI buttons. Plug the USB buttons into the computer. When the USB button indicator light is always on, press the button to complete the multi-screen interaction from the computer to the large screen.

Wireless screen mirroring

When the ipad is projected to the computer, you can turn on the [anti-mirror] function for the A series of projectors. The WIPG series uses software apps. Tablets can project screens to computers, and computers can also project tablets and mobile phones. ”

Netizen: “Can I use it for jokes first? It’s easy to say”

“Yes, our wireless projector supports a 7-10 day free trial. I will link to also supports 7-day returns without reason.”

Netizen: “Okay.”

The AWIND wireless mirroring is a professional wireless sharing demonstration device. The exchange between screens is required by users, and AWIND has solutions.

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