how to display powerpoint on projector

How to display powerpoint on projector

Projector is a teaching or display tool, play ppt, lesson plans, or other text and picture content also need to use the computer, the traditional wired connection think we all know, this article is focused on the computer PPT courseware wireless projection screen projector with you.

Computer projection screen projector

Computer PPT courseware wireless screen projector, we recommend the use of AWIND strange machine A series wireless screen projector. Whether it is a mirror cast screen or extended cast screen is a matter of minutes.

how to display powerpoint on projector

Mirror casting

We just need to connect the screen projector and projector through HDMI or VGA cable, then plug the USB case into the computer, wait for the USB button display light, press the button to cast the screen, the computer and projector screen synchronization, at this time we open the PPT courseware will appear on the projector. Usually our classroom screen projector and projector are connected, when the teacher is in class, plug in the USB button, you can cast the screen class, when the class is over, unplug the USB button can be, plug and show, convenient and fast.

how to display powerpoint on projector

Extended Screen Casting

Usually when our computer wirelessly casts a screen on the projector, it is mostly a mirror screen (computer and projector screen synchronization), but with AWIND’s extended screen casting mode, the projector becomes the second screen of the computer, and we only need to drag and drop the PPT courseware that needs to be screened onto the projector screen. This feature is very useful for many teachers, and can effectively protect privacy without affecting teaching.

Extended projection: you need to replace the USB button with a drive-free HDMI button, which can be explained during communication if needed.

Computer projection projector

Get rid of the network

The prerequisite for wireless screen casting is to be on the same LAN, when we use AWIND Qiji A series wireless screen casters, we can get rid of the network bondage, cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers can be cast wirelessly without network without affecting normal use.

Computer screen projector

Wireless screen projector is a bridge from cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers and other office equipment to projectors, all-in-one machines, LED screens and other display devices, easy to operate, safe and reliable. The user needs of wireless screen thrower.

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