How to buy a wireless conference system

How to buy a wireless conference system

Wireless conference systems have gradually entered the public’s field of vision, ranging from small national summits and ordinary offices, and more and more companies purchase wireless conference systems. According to our conventional shopping model, when buying a certain product in demand, we will shop around and look up a variety of strategies on the Internet, from Baidu, Tieba to forums, and seek recommendations and experience from others.

How to buy a wireless conference system

Here are the eight precautions before purchasing a wireless conference system:

1. Clarify your needs

The prerequisite for a wireless conference system to work well is that users feel valued under the premise of meeting user needs. If the user’s needs are for general business meeting rooms, I would like to recommend a high-end product dedicated to large meeting rooms. Is it easy to use? It’s really easy to use, all kinds of effects are great! The problem is that the budget exceeds several times, and many seemingly high-end features are useless. Will users think this brand is good?

On the premise of meeting demand, find products according to budget. The search for products mainly starts from the following aspects:

2. Is it convenient to connect and operate? Take AWIND as an example, the general wireless screen mirroring process from installation to projection does not exceed 15 seconds.

3. Understand the minimum available configuration

The wireless conference system has at least an access point or base station, and a wireless representative unit. But some systems also require an additional central unit and additional software for control. Make sure you know the complete configuration required. Appropriate complete configuration can avoid unnecessary budget costs.

The basic function of the wireless conference system is definitely screen mirroring. Whether the screen mirroring is clear (108P, 4K) and whether there is delay is the basic function whether the customer is satisfied. The effect of screen mirroring is not satisfactory to users, and it is a waste of time to talk about other things.

How to buy a wireless conference system

4. Is it compatible with the company’s existing network system

The solution of the wireless conference system is the WIFI wireless transmission between the signal end and the receiving end. Since the company network is involved, it is important to understand how the new system is integrated with the company’s basic network architecture. Look for a system that provides a large number of channels in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency range to help you with channel planning. In this way, the meeting can proceed smoothly without restricting the use of wireless LAN.

Take some time to understand the limitations of the system. Understand what the system can do to master the key points. But thinking from the opposite perspective, that is, considering system limitations, this may see unexpected things. If your needs change or you ignore important aspects in the initial requirement list, consideration of system limitations can avoid unnecessary trouble.

5. Manage during the meeting

Check which tools can be used to monitor the system but will not interfere with the meeting. Ask yourself the following questions:

-Can I see the frequency of the system? Can I move to another frequency during the meeting without getting the representative’s attention?

-Can I see the operating status of each device during the meeting?

-How many screens does the device support, and how many devices are connected in the background?

-How is the switching between devices on the projection signal end done? Is the switching time long?

How to buy a wireless conference system

6. Online support.

The brand effect of a product can be seen from the after-sales service of a product. Wireless screen mirrors are electronic products, and no one can guarantee that they can be used when they get them. Therefore, it is very important to have online technical support.

7. Brand.

One thing that we all like to overlook but must bear in mind is that the wireless conference system is an electronic product, and it may malfunction. When a failure occurs, make sure you can get reliable support from the supplier. The after-sales and online technical support of big brands are reflected here.

8. After-sales guarantee.

The brand effect of a product can be seen from the after-sales service of a product. AWIND can be tried for free for 7-10 days, and the product can only be replaced and not repaired within one year.

Hope the above can help you purchase a wireless conference system. As a leading supplier of wireless content sharing and WiFi-based presentation solutions, AWIND has a history of 16 years. It has very professional expertise in developing “screen-to-screen” interactive technology.

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