How to achieve a full screen with wireless screen casting

How to achieve a full screen with wireless screen casting

Why is it that when we cast our mobile phones or computers onto a large screen, it often does not appear to be a full screen. How to achieve a full screen with wireless screen casting  The main reason is that the aspect ratio between the screen casting side (mobile phone, computer) and the display side is not the same.

wireless screen casting

Wireless Screen Casting

Solutions for Windows computers that do not have a full screen

The common way is to change the screen resolution of the computer. Generally speaking, as long as the display is in the normal ratio, the monitor can be adjusted to a full screen.

Limitations: Some screen display ratios are not conventional ratios will not work.

Mobile phones, tablets can not cast the screen full screen solution

Mobile phones and tablets are certainly not able to modify the resolution, but we can choose to cast the screen, generally use the TV logo that comes with the video APP, cast screen TV is almost always full screen.

Limitations: you can only cast screen TV APP inside the TV program that supports casting screen.

Wireless Screen Casting

AWIND wireless screen casting device is a one-click full screen

AWIND is a manufacturer of wireless screen casters for business meetings, multimedia teaching and other markets. Because it is a professional-grade wireless screen projector, to meet the needs of users who are using full screen in formal settings such as conference rooms and classrooms, AWIND has developed the [Auto Full Screen] function, which allows the display to stretch according to the screen size as soon as the function is switched on.

AWIND wireless screen projector one key full screen

The above is the solution to the common problem of not being able to cast a screen to full screen on the display side.

Special emphasis

If the source is not full screen then there is nothing anyone can do. Just like old movies from the 90’s, no matter what kind of TV you play them on, they only show a little bit in the middle.

A gentle reminder

VR glasses are a square screen, if the display screen is widescreen, it is not full screen, and it is not recommended to force full screen, because VR glasses is all about the experience, forcing full screen will reduce the user’s experience of VR glasses content.


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