How much is a set of wireless projector

How much is a set of wireless projector

How much is a set of wireless projector, You get what you pay for any product, and the same applies to wireless projectors. With the continuous technological innovation of wireless screen projectors and the continuous improvement of functions, polarization has appeared. Because of its simple manufacturing, home screen projectors have become larger and larger manufacturers, and their prices have also fallen. , In the teaching field, the functions used are becoming more and more complex, the functional requirements are getting bigger and bigger, and the price is getting higher and higher. But having said that, the price of any product with higher professionalism will only get higher and higher.

How much is a set of wireless projector

How much is a set of wireless projector

Currently on the market, there are many types of wireless screen projectors, and in many cases, product prices are among them and occupy a key position. Therefore, consumers will take many factors into consideration when making a selection, make a comprehensive evaluation, and select a more suitable one, right?

Since 2003, AWIND has been mainly aimed at business office and multimedia teaching. They are all compatible with all platforms and systems (Android, Apple, and windows), so there is no price gap in compatibility. The price gap is mainly reflected in the function. The specific price can be checked on the AWIND official website-online store, so I won’t introduce it in detail.

How much is a set of wireless projector

How much is a set of wireless projector

The more functions, the higher the price

1. Multi-screen display: At present, the projector has single-screen, dual-screen and four-screen.

Single screen means that only one device can be displayed on the big screen at the same time, while the four screens support 4 devices on the big screen at the same time, and the big screen is divided into four.

2. Is the resolution 1080P or 4K

The current mainstream display resolution is 1080P, while 4K resolution is more expensive. (PS: The 4K mentioned in this article refers to true 4K output, not the so-called 4K support that supports 4K input and 1080P output).

3. Background function control system

The current home screen projectors are not equipped with a background control system or simple basic function settings, while professional business screen projectors and multimedia classroom projectors are relatively complicated in function.

4. New products

The update speed of electronic products is changing with each passing day, and the speed of elimination is also very fast. When the new wireless projector goes online, it will surely attract many consumers, while the old product is a Monco, and the sales volume is greatly reduced. AWIND’s corporate mission of “adhering to everything from the user’s perspective”, [R&D] We Always on the road.

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AWIND insists on the road of independent research and development of the LINUX system. With 17 years of lean innovation and in-depth research and development capabilities, its products and solutions have a place in the domestic market at all levels, and have repeatedly achieved good results in the education system, office system, and project bidding. .

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