How much does a wireless screen casting device cost, and why does the price vary so much?

How much does a wireless screen casting device cost, and why does the price vary so much?

Since the rise of the “screen casting” industry in the past few years, wireless screen casting equipment is also varied, the price is from 50 yuan to tens of thousands of dollars of high price, then a wireless screen casters to how much money, why the price varies so much?

There are good and bad products in any industry, but the constant truth is that “you get what you pay for”. Some are priced at tens of thousands, stopping people in their tracks.

This makes a lot of users will be confused: “the same wireless screen casters, why is the price gap so big?”

How much is a wireless screen casting device and why is the price difference so big?

From the seller.

Some companies are in this to industry precipitation for many years, like AWIND strange machine from 2003, 16 years has been focused on the field of wireless sharing collaboration, the product is also a single wireless screen casting equipment, from the quality of equipment to pre-sales, after-sales various services [free trial 7-10 days, a year of products only change not repair pre/after-sales service] have a strict standard. The wireless screen casting market is a relatively high technology content of the “business education market”.

Some companies are “halfway”, based on the openness of Miracast protocol and the heat of the market, specializing in the production of some low-tech home products, home products generally users only need a screen cast function, in fact, can do a good job of home screen cast function, will also have a certain market, but because But because of the “halfway house” reason, the technology is not enough, only the price to come together.

How much does a wireless screen casting device cost

How much is the wireless screen projector and why does the price vary so much?

From the buyer’s point of view. wireless screen casting device cost

At this stage, the use of wireless screen thrower users, business users account for more. Enterprises need wireless screen casters to conduct more efficient meetings and offices, schools and educational institutions need wireless screen casters to improve the quality of teaching, here there is a demand; in the promotion of the products of various brands, will be the enterprise meeting and multimedia teaching as the two main use of wireless screen casters selling point, here there is a supply.

Users have a demand, and wireless screen casting equipment companies and just professional, so there is also a market, as far as the price is within the budget.

Enterprise procurement of wireless screen casters, after all, is to be used in the conference room, too cheap quality even if the seller dares to make a guarantee, the business side can not believe. If an important occasion like a business meeting in an enterprise causes a meeting to be suspended because of a malfunctioning wireless screen thrower, it is not just an accident, but a disaster, and the damage cannot be estimated.

How much does a wireless screen thrower cost and why do prices vary so much?

And too expensive, for many enterprises is also a considerable expense, will cause an increase in business operating costs, so AWIND strange machine adhere to the “all from the user’s point of view” business purposes, when the user proposed to buy products, AWIND customer service staff need to be based on the user’s needs, recommend cost-effective want to higher AWIND customer service will recommend the right product according to the user’s needs and budget.


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