How does screen mirroring windows 10 to smart tv

How does screen mirroring windows 10 to smart tv

Now the computer cast screen on the TV, AWIND has two modes, streaming push mode and screen mirroring mode.

Push mode: is the computer’s local audio, video or network video in the form of streaming push display on the TV screen.

Features: Only audio and video can be pushed. After casting, the playback effect is similar to that on the computer.

Screen mirroring: computer and TV screen synchronization, no matter what is displayed on the computer, the TV screen and the computer screen remain the same.

Features: If the large screen with touch function, can be on the large screen to reverse the control of the computer a screen casting mode.

Win10 wireless mirror cast TV

How does screen mirroring windows 10 to smart tv

Win10 wireless mirror cast TV

Hardware preparation: win10 computer (laptop); AWIND wireless casting screen, TV (large screen).

network environment: win10 computer, AWIND wireless casting screen, TV are in the same LAN environment.

Connection method.

Win10 wireless mirror casting TV connection method

1, the wireless screen casting box through the HDMI cable and TV connection.

2, the computer side to install a sender APP software, and then the user according to demand, is the choice of screen mirroring or streaming media push [USB small electronic sender can only be mirror mode, can not choose streaming media push].

Win10 wireless mirror cast TV [large screen] is the current conference room, school teachers with more of a model, the advantages are mainly three.

1, the presentation content is not limited. As long as the computer can be displayed, no matter what type can be cast screen.

2, convenient to demonstrate. Demonstration of personnel can be directly on the large screen for handwriting. Annotate the operation, rather than the traditional one, which can only stay in front of the computer.

3, convenient to save. Any operation in mirror mode will be saved, and after the meeting is over, it is a key note to save or a key to clear, all depends on the need.


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