How do you split screen on a projector?

How do you split screen on a projector? [Multiple devices and one screen]

This morning, there was a user consultation on Facebook. Can our wireless projection equipment allow three laptops to project on the same projector at the same time?

Finally, after understanding, the user’s needs are actually very simple, that is, three win10 laptop screens can be wirelessly projected to the projector. Before, they were all connected with a VGA cable, and they were all single screens.

According to the user’s needs and the principle of high-cost performance, AWINDA800 is recommended to the user. Finally, the user immediately places an order and adds 2 additional USB buttons [one device with one USB button].

How do you split screen on a projector

How do you split screen on a projector

Connection method:

1. Connect the wireless projection device to the projector via HDMI cable;

2. Plug the USB small electronic button into the laptop;

3. Double-click the driver and press the button. [You need to double-click the driver when you use it for the first time, and you don’t need it when you use it later].


Multi-screen display principle

1. Because USB small electronics can’t choose the screen location like APP, it can only let the system split the screen by itself. Commonly used is four-split screen, up to nine-split screen [Nine-split screen is A900, A800 only supports four-split screen];

2. One device is full screen; two devices are equally divided into a large screen; three-divided screen is the upper one and the lower one is in the middle; the four-split screen is the field display.

Benefits of wireless projection

Solved the problem of poor contact between the projector and the computer cable, which shortened the life of the projector;

No longer restricted by location, wireless projection, get rid of the “wire” system;

Reduce the trouble that people are not familiar with the operation of the projector or the laptop is not compatible with the projector. One-key projection makes the meeting more efficient.

Multi-person projection and multi-screen display can be switched freely, unlike the traditional way, which can only rely on one line to maintain the projection.

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