How do you know screen mirroring windows 10 to smart tv?

Win10 how to cast screen TV

I often get pop-ups when I play videos on my Win10 computer projection TV, “The computer can’t wirelessly project to the playback device, the device device is not responding” after understanding that it is because the TV does not support certain video formats. I’ve changed my computer’s player (potplayer) and it’s fine.

The computer can not wirelessly project to the playback device, the device does not respond

The player that works better for Win10 computer projection on TV is Xunlei Look, Storm Video. The reason is that they all come with DLNA push, smoothness is good. Of course, if you want to go miracast projection, there is no way, you need to open the computer miracast projection.

The computer can not wirelessly project to the playback device, the device is not responding

Playback to the device device does not respond to the reasons: device failure or device is not compatible with this format, playback source problems file damage.

Win10 computer miracast cast screen open way.

1, enter the bubble pattern of the taskbar on the right side of the operation center, click on the bottom of the many functional shortcuts in the “connection” jump to the connection interface. In this interface can display the current computer can be wirelessly connected devices, such as wireless monitors and audio devices.

Win10 computer miracast casting screen

2, click “project to this computer” at the bottom of the interface, jump to the settings window.

3, in the settings interface, the Windows computer or cell phone can project this computer inside the choice, the default is “always off”, select other options to open the projection function. At the same time, in the option of “Request to project to this computer”, it is recommended to select “First time only” for identification, unless you are worried about someone playing tricks on you while you are working, then you can select “Every time you request When connecting” option.

4. Click to enter the operation center on the right side of the taskbar, and click to enter the list of “Connections” or select “Connect to wireless monitor” in “Projection” to select the corresponding wireless monitor. monitor.

5. At this time, if there is a device that supports miracast projection on the same LAN, the computer screen can be projected wirelessly. (PS: except for cell phones, because the current Miracast can not identify the receiver as a cell phone)

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