How do you do wireless screen casting?

How do you do wireless screen casting?

There are two main application scenarios for mobile phone wireless screen casting: home and commercial, and there are three main types of mobile phone screen casting methods.

Mobile phone screen casting

One: system casting

The so-called system cast screen, that is, those TV systems with their own wireless screen casting function.

Due to the variety of Android systems, various manufacturers have different names for screen casting, some are called wireless display, others are called wireless screen casting. Just make sure your TV and phone are in the same WiFi environment, open the TV’s own screen casting function, and at the same time open the screen casting option on your phone, and you can search for the TV, click connect and then the content on your phone can be cast directly to the TV.

For iPhone, it’s even easier to pull down the control centre and long press (or re-press) the “screen mirroring” button to see your own TV, connect directly and you’re done.

Limitations: Only local audio and video content can be cast to your phone, and it cannot be displayed in full screen.

Mobile Screen Casting

The second type: in-app screen casting

If you just want to watch a show or video, then it is more stable to choose to cast the screen within the app. At present, all major video software has integrated screen casting function, generally integrated in the player interface, find the cast screen button [TV] logo in the playback interface, click to select the TV at home, the content will be cast to the TV.

Limitations: Only programs with the [TV] logo that support wireless screen casting can be supported in the video app (resources are limited).

Mobile Screen Casting

The third type: through the wireless screen casting device

How do you do wireless screen casting

wireless screen casting device

The main role of the wireless screen casters is to connect multiple screens to ensure that multiple screens can interact with each other within the same LAN.

Limitations: As a professional hardware device, users need to purchase the device.

In summary: professional application scenarios, the use of the correct way to cast the phone screen can allow us to more in the freedom to enjoy the convenience of wireless mobile phone screen casting.

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