How do I share my phone screen with my computer?

How do I share my phone screen with my computer?

The same screen of cell phone and computer includes synchronous display of cell phone screen on the computer and synchronous display of computer screen on the cell phone.

The way of software cell phone and computer screen

There are more ways of software for cell phone and computer screen together, but they are divided into cell phone screen casting software and computer screen casting software, which means that users need to download and install different screen casting software according to their needs.


Android phone direct screen casting computer [no software, hardware]

Android phones can now be cast to Windows computers without any third party, but this way can only synchronize the Android phone screen on the computer, and currently does not support computer screen casting on the phone.

The phone cast screen Win10 computer” and “Huawei phone wireless cast screen Win7 computer” interested can go to see.

Computer cast screen to cell phone [no matter Android or Apple are supported]

Principle: Through the AWIND strange machine wireless casting device [broadcast function], you can receive the content, while displaying on multiple smart display screens [cell phones, tablets, laptops, all-in-one machines, etc.], the simple point is that you can install the receiving end of the APP on the device.

Conference tablet


Operation mode.

1, cell phones and other receiving devices to install AWIND strange machine wireless screen casting equipment exclusive receiver software.

2, cell phones open the receiver software to wireless screen casting equipment to send connection requests.

3, the computer side into the background of the wireless screen casting device, allowing the connection.

4, the computer to the wireless screen casting device to send the screen casting operation.

5、This way our computer screen will appear on multiple cell phones.

AWIND strange machine wireless screen casting device in the hardware device support smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, in the system support Android, IOS, Windows, MAC and other system platforms. Computer cast screen cell phone these are small meaning, as long as there is a need, Android phone cast screen to Apple phone is also possible.


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