How do I screen mirror with audio? Aunty plays a new trick

How do I screen mirror with audio? Aunty plays a new trick

Following the wireless projection of mobile phones to projectors, all-in-ones, and computers, some users choose to use AWIND wireless projection equipment to wirelessly project songs on the mobile phone to the speaker. The editor also had to admire the brains of the Chinese people, How do I screen mirror with audio?, the aunt played a new trick.

How do I screen mirror with audio

The user is an elderly aunt. She said that some square dances now use wireless Bluetooth speakers, but her equipment is provided by her privately. It costs money to change to a Bluetooth speaker. Now this speaker Just let it go. Seeing that nowadays young people can wirelessly cast their mobile phones to watch TV, and I wondered if they could cast their songs wirelessly. Now I use my mobile phone to cast the screen audio without having to cut the song. After one song is finished, the next song I want to play is so easy.

The prerequisite for mobile phone projection is that the device supports wireless projection in the same local area network; while AWIND’s wireless projection device comes with a wireless AP, and only needs to connect the mobile phone to the projection box to meet the requirements of the same LAN. Demand, the entire screen projection process is relatively simple to operate, suitable for middle-aged and elderly entertainment use.

Connection method:

Connect the wireless projection box via HDMI/VGA cable;

Connect Android/iPhone to the WIFI of the projection box [mobile phone and projection box are in the same LAN];

Multi-screen interaction on Android phones [Wireless Screencasting] Connect the screen box ID and Bluetooth is also connected (after the Android phone is connected, it will automatically pop up the Bluetooth connection prompt, just click OK) [Android phone cast screen to play local audio /The video has no sound. AWIND has chosen to use Bluetooth to solve the sound problem];

Just connect the Apple phone directly to the Airplay screen mirroring to the ID of the projection box;

Open the mobile music player [QQ Music, Kugou Music Box] and play it directly.

How do I screen mirror with audio

PS: Both WIFI and Bluetooth connected devices have distance limits, but the distance aunt uses to dance the square dance is enough.

In fact, I have used Apple mobile phones to screen music to AirPlayer-supported audio equipment through AirPlayer before, but I never thought that when the audio does not support AirPlayer, you can still play this way through wireless screen-casting equipment. Good day So, the master is in the folks, and sincerely don’t deceive me!

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