How do I screen mirror my PC to mi TV?

How do I screen mirror my PC to mi TV?

Now the Windows 10 system has a good support for miracast, and domestic TVs have begun to bring the miracast screen projection function. It can be said that in the near future, we should no longer screen mobile phones and computer screens on the TV. Requires projection software and projection equipment. Today, the editor will teach you how to use win10 computer miracast to project to Xiaomi TV.

win10 computer screen mirroring

win10 computer miracast screen mirroring Xiaomi TV

Prerequisites: The network card and graphics card of the win10 computer must support miracast, and Xiaomi TV has invited to support miracast screen mirroring. If the hardware doesn’t support it, you won’t be able to play this anymore~

Network environment: in the same local area network environment.

How to connect to miacast screen on win10 computer

On Win10 computer, WIN+P [Quickly change the current projection mode], [Only computer screen], [Copy], [Extended], [Only the second screen] appears on the right side of the computer, four modes, choose to extend or mirror. Actually this random.

How do I screen mirror my PC to mi TV

Mirror mode: The computer and the TV screen are in a synchronous relationship, that is, what the computer displays, the Xiaomi TV also displays what.

Extended mode: Mi TV is equivalent to the second screen of the computer, just drag what you need to display onto the second screen. For example, if you want to watch a TV show, on a Win10 computer, open the Tencent TV client APP, and drag the entire playback interface to the TV-all the way to the right.

Existing Problems

The screen projection effect of the miracast protocol is not good. Stuttering, delay, blurring, mosaic, and frame dropping are common phenomena. After all, it is a free thing that comes with the system. Just get used to it.

If your TV or computer does not support miracast projection, should we give up?

The distance between you and the Win10 screen mirroring the Mi TV is just one less wireless screen mirroring device.

With the AWIND wireless screen mirroring device, whether it is due to your Win10 computer or the display end [then use the TV as the display end screen] does not support Miracast projection, it can be easily solved. Xiaobian once said that if you give me an HDMI port, I can wirelessly mirror the screen. And both the screen mirroring effect and the gameplay are more advantageous than the built-in Miracast screen mirroring.

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