How do I rotate screen on screen sharing?

Mobile phone screen full screen vertical screen tutorial

The display ratio of the vertical screen display is 9:16, and the display ratio of the mobile phone is 16:9. When we use the conventional method to mirror the screen of the mobile phone, the phenomenon of screen overflow will occur. At this time, we want the mobile phone to mirror the full screen. To display on a 9:16 vertical screen, you need to rotate the screen 90°. AWWIND wireless screen projector supports the screen rotation function in the background, which is very suitable for the current advertising machine, slide screen, horizontal screen and vertical screen splicing screen.

Mobile phone screen full screen vertical screen tutorial

       1.Connect the receiver host of the wireless screen projector to the vertical screen display through the HDMI cable;

  1. The mobile phone and the screen projector host are in the same local area network.

There are two ways to make the mobile phone and the screen caster host in the same LAN:

Method 1: Insert the wireless screen projector host into the LAN network by wired or wireless means, you can directly plug the screen projector host with the Internet cable or connect the screen projector host to the local area network WIFI, and then connect the mobile phone to the local area network WIFI;

Method 2: The mobile phone is directly connected to the AP hotspot of the screen caster host. The mobile phone uses the 4G network for Internet access.

  1. Rotate the screen to realize vertical screen display  Enter the IP address of the screen projector host on the mobile phone, enter the default account (admin), the default password (12345678) – enter the setting interface – display settings – screen rotation – rotate 90° (90°, 180°, 270°) optional) – save, exit.
  2. The Android phone uses ESHOW software as the sending end to project the screen (the installation package can be installed in the app store or by scanning the code on the big screen) – select the screen caster ID – realize the full screen display of the Android mobile phone’s vertical screen projection screen.

Apple mobile phones use the built-in [Screen Mirroring] function – select the screen projector ID – to achieve full screen display of the vertical screen display of the Apple mobile phone screen.

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