How to realize multi windows screen mirroring from PC?

Sometimes, you may need to share your screen with other employees or clients as a business professional. Or sometimes, you may like to share your screens on several monitors as it might be a large conference room. But you may confuse: How can I realize multi windows screen mirroring from PC? Thankfully, there are several ways to do this. This blog post will outline several methods for sharing your screen with multiple monitors.

With the advancement of modern classrooms and conference rooms, the market demand for multi-screen interaction is expanding. Through the unremitting efforts of every colleague in the R&D team, AWIND officially has proposed a new solution method for mirroring multi-devices. The “One Computer, Multiple Monitors Solution” mode can be used to display 16 screens in a synchronised mirror image, or to display 16 screens in two modes without interfering with each other.

The different two ways can satisfy different needs in the distinct situation. So please follow the blog and we shall introduce you to the different applications of two modes and you would find it really meaningful.

How to realize multi windows screen mirroring from PC?

Simultaneous mirroring of 16 screens

Imagine being in a large conference room with 16 people, all looking at the same computer screen that is displaying a PowerPoint presentation. And now let’s imagine that each person in the room is looking at their own individual display screen that is showing the same PowerPoint presentation, in perfect synchronization with the main computer screen. Which one is better? It’s quite clear that the latter one.

This is what a synchronised display of one computer screen on 16 display screens simultaneously can look like. Not only does this provide a more efficient way for people to view presentations, but it can also be used for other purposes such as training and meetings. In a training set, for example, each person can have their own display screen where they can follow along with the instructor.

This can be beneficial because it allows people to learn at their own pace and go back and review material if they need to. In a meeting setting, this type of setup can be used to allow people to take notes on their own screens while still being able to see the main presentation. When used in this way, synchronised displays of one computer screen on 16 display screens simultaneously can provide a more effective and efficient way for people to interact with information.

How to realize multi windows screen mirroring from PC?

How to realize multi windows screen mirroring from PC?


Mirroring of 16 screens that do not interfere with each other

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: 16 screens do not interfere with each other. The screen of one computer is displayed simultaneously on 16 display screens, each screen can be operated individually to display different content. In short, the content that needs to be displayed appears on a specific screen. This technology is amazing and has endless potential applications.

Imagine being able to work on multiple projects at the same time, or being able to have different windows open side-by-side without having to miss a beat. This technology will change the way we work and the form of modern education as well as training.

What needs to share my screen with multiple devices?

To realize multi windows mirroring, 1 multi-screen interactive server, each screen is connected to each wireless projection gateway via HDMI cable, and built-in access to the company LAN is sufficient. Simply put, the user only needs to connect each wireless projection gateway with a network cable, and the wireless projection gateway can be connected to the display screen via HDMI cable to achieve the need for one computer to wirelessly control multiple display screens for multi-screen mirroring.

In this way, users can not only project their computer screens wirelessly to multiple display screens but also interact with these display screens at will, which greatly improves work efficiency. What’s more, this solution supports full HD 1080P wireless image transmission, so users can enjoy high-definition images while collaborating wirelessly.

So, generally speaking, you only need to purchase one of our devices and all the problems can be solved easily!

How to realize multi windows screen mirroring from PC?

How to realize multi windows screen mirroring from PC?

The advantage of AWIND’s multi windows mirroring

1. One computer replaces many computers

advantage of multi windows mirroring is that it can save you from having to carry multiple devices with you. If you have a laptop, smartphone, and tablet, you can use multi windows mirroring to share content between all three devices without having to physically transfer files between them. This can be very convenient when you are on the go and need to access your content from multiple devices.

2. No longer be limited by cables.

The solution proposed by AWIND doesn’t require any cables as it’s realized in a wireless way. This allows for a much greater range of motion and flexibility when using the mirroring feature. Additionally, wireless transmission eliminates the risk of tripping over or getting tangled in cords. It’s quite convenient for us.

3. Simple operation and fast switch

With just one button, you can freely switch between different modes without any lag or delay. This makes it perfect for offices and classrooms, where multiple people need to share information quickly and accurately. There is no need to worry about lost data or interrupted connections. Also, you can switch between the modes of 16 synchronised screens simultaneously or independently easily according to your specific need.

4. Great performance in smart classrooms or modern conferences

Multi windows mirroring has many advantages, but the two main benefits are that it can meet the needs of smart classroom teachers for multi-screen interaction in the classroom, and it can be used to cater for the special needs of modern conference rooms. Multi windows mirroring is a simple and effective way to make use of multiple screens in an interactive and engaging way.

How to realize multi windows screen mirroring from PC?

How to realize multi windows screen mirroring from PC?


Multi windows mirroring is a feature that allows users to connect multiple devices to a single display. This can be useful in classrooms or conference rooms, where multiple people may need to view the same content.  Multi windows mirroring can also be used to create a virtual whiteboard, where users can collaborate on projects in real time. This can be a valuable tool for brainstorming or for giving presentations. Multi windows mirroring is a versatile and user-friendly way to share content between multiple devices.

AWIND’s corporate purpose is to “start from the user’s needs”, insisting on the principle that the simpler the user, the better; the more practical, the better, and the more stable the effect of the solution, the better. Since its establishment in 2003, we have been focusing on wireless sharing and collaboration for 16 years.

Please feel free to contact us to get the best wireless mirroring solution for you!


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