How do I mirror my phone to my TCL TV?

How do I mirror my phone to my TCL TV?

Some netizens asked, “Can the Tcl LCD TV from eight years ago be mirrored with mobile phones? How to operate it?”

How do I mirror my phone to my TCL TV

Phone screen mirroring tv

Analysis: Eight years ago, Tcl LCD TVs certainly did not support Miracast projection. It is impossible to use those who want to directly pass the Miracast protocol or install the software. They can only assist screen mirroring through the hardware of a screen mirror or TV box.

Screen mirroring

Use home screen mirror or TV box to screen old TCL TV on a mobile phone.

1. Connect the TV box or screen mirroring device to the TV via HDMI cable;

2. Then the Android phone finds the wireless screen mirroring function, connects to the box ID, and the phone can mirror the screen.

The advantage of mirroring through a TV box or screen is that as long as the TV has an HDMI signal interface, no matter how old the TV is, it can mirror the screen on the phone.

The functions of the TV box and the home screen projection box are similar, mainly based on the user’s habits to choose a TV box or a screen projection box. To put it simply, those who like to play with mobile phones often can choose a projection box, and those who like to watch TV quietly can use a TV box.

screen mirroring

Wireless screen mirror

The difference between projection box and TV box

The difference between the projection box and the TV box is mainly whether it is equipped with a complete system and audio-visual platform; whether it can be used alone.

The TV box is equipped with a complete system and audio-visual platform, and you can order TV programs directly on the platform without mobile phone control. However, TV depends on its own platform resources, and different TV boxes carry different resources and have certain limitations.

The screen mirroring does not carry any products, but only projects the screen content of mobile phones, tablets, and computers to a large screen for display, relying on sending end devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. The advantage is that as long as the things that can be displayed on the screen of mobile phones, tablets, and computers can appear on the big screen through the projection box, it is not restricted by the platform.

AWIND is a 17-year-old manufacturer of wireless screen mirroring devices. Home screen mirroring is an X series product, and X20 supports 4K output.

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