How do I make my computer Miracast compatible?

How do I make my computer Miracast compatible?

Windows 10 continues to support Miracast on the basis of Win8.1. That is, you can wirelessly transmit audio and video, and wirelessly mirror the display to the big screen. But not all laptops or tablets with windows 10 system support Miracast function. It can also be tested and verified by running the Dxdiag.exe command.

How to make the computer support miracast

How do I make my computer Miracast compatible?

1. The WIN+R combination key starts “run” the program [the field between Ctrl and Alt+R];

2. Enter “dxdiag.exe” in the input box of the “Run” program, and make sure [It won’t jump out immediately, it usually takes 5-10 seconds to jump out of the DrectX diagnostic tool page];

3. Pop up the DrectX diagnostic tool, select “Yes” to start the test;

4. When the detection progress bar disappears, it means the detection is complete, “Save all information” to the desktop;

5. Open the saved TXT file and search for “Miracast” by Ctrl+F. If the following words are found, Miracast function is not supported;

Miracast: NotAvailable means not supported, Miracast:: Available, withHDCP means support.

PS: Computer miracast projection requires our system. The graphics card and network card support the miracast protocol, and neither is indispensable. Computer hardware does not support Miracast:, users can only change the hardware device, or use the wireless projection device as a “bridge” for screen projection, which is the mainstream cross-platform display device.

How do I make my computer Miracast compatible?

If the hardware itself supports the miracast protocol, but only the software driver, wireless docking station, etc., you can fix it as follows.

1. Fix the wireless display or wireless dock connection problem

Please make sure your Windows 10 device supports Miracast. The following are the specific steps to check in the computer: select the “start” button, type “connect”, and then select “connect” from the list of results. In the “Connect” app, the text will tell you whether your Windows 10 device supports it. To view your Windows 10 phone, on “Start”, swipe to the list of all apps and look for “Continuum”. If Continuum appears in the list of all applications, your Windows 10 phone supports Miracast.

Make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on. To perform this operation on your computer, select the “Network” (or) icon at the far right of the taskbar, and then check the “WLAN” quick action. On your Windows 10 phone, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the action center, and then check the “WLAN” quick action.

Please make sure the monitor supports Miracast and verify that it is turned on. If your wireless display does not support it, you will need a Miracast adapter (sometimes called a “hardware guard”) plugged into the HDMI port.

How do I make my computer Miracast compatible?

Please make sure that your device driver is the latest version, and you have installed the latest firmware for your wireless display, adapter, or docking station. Please refer to the support information on the manufacturer’s website for instructions or search for the manufacturer’s app in the Microsoft Store to help.

Restart the computer or phone and the wireless display or docking station.

Remove the wireless display or docking station, and then reconnect it. To delete a device, open “Settings” and select “Devices”> “Bluetooth and other devices”. Select the wireless display, adapter or docking station, and then select “Remove Device”. Try to reconnect afterwards.

2. Make sure the computer supports Miracast and has the latest driver

Right-click the Microsoft logo, select Device Manager, find the network adapter option, expand, uninstall the wireless network card driver under the directory, restart the computer, and then click “Scan for hardware changes”, the system will reinstall the driver when it is connected to the Internet After the installation is complete, restart it, and then use the projection to check it.

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