How do I get sound to play through my projector?

How do I get sound to play through my Epson projector?

Yesterday a user asked Whatsapp: “My Epson projector has no sound on the screen. I use the HDMI connected to your [AWIND] wireless screen mirror. I don’t know how to output the sound. Ask for help!”

How do I get sound to play through my projector

Epson wireless screen mirroring

“There is a 3.5MM audio output hole on the back of our wireless screen mirroring device. Just connect the speaker to the wireless screen mirroring box with an audio cable.”

User: “I connected this, but there is no sound yet.”

I remember someone asked about this wireless screen mirroring to the projector before, and there were sound problems. One is that the audio speaker setting of the computer is not turned on when using the computer to cast the screen, and the other is to use the VGA cable to link our wireless screen mirroring device.

“What device did you use to cast the screen?”

User: “Mobile phone, didn’t you say that it supports 4-screen projection on mobile phones?”


“Android phone screencasting needs to be connected to Bluetooth, and there is no sound when screencasting from Apple mobile phones, right?”

epson wireless projection

User: “Bluetooth, didn’t you say that the mobile phone can be connected to the WIFI of your wireless projection box?”

“That way, the screen can be cast, but the Android phone is in the protection mechanism. The Android phone screen mirroring has no sound. When we are developing, we embed Bluetooth into the screen mirroring to have the sound.”

User: “Okay, let me try.”

I thought it would be over here, but after a while, the user came again “I have four mobile phones projected onto the projector, why only one has sound.”

“If all four mobile phones have sound, doesn’t it become noise? Only the last screen has sound. If you want that sound, let him mirror the screen last.”

User: “If my second phone has been mirrored on the screen, and now I want it to have sound, I can only log out and mirror it again?”


User: “Okay, I will try again.”

How do I get sound to play through my projector

Summary: Epson wireless audio projection

1. Connect the AWIND wireless screen mirror receiver box with the Epson projector with an HDMI cable;

2. Connect the audio and other sound players to the audio output interface of the wireless projection box with a 3.5MM cable;

3. After the Android phone opens the ESHOW projection software for projection, then turn on the Bluetooth to connect to the wireless projection ID, so that the sound and image will be projected on the Epson projector.

4. Apple mobile phones directly use the screen mirroring function to connect to the wireless projector ID.

5. After the computer or notebook is plugged into the USB button, you need to turn on the sound speaker setting in the audio setting to have the sound. Click on the sound button in the lower right corner of the computer, right-click-sound-play-select output route-speaker.

Epson wireless projection

Summary: This user chose a wireless projector that supports a four-screen display, which means that we can display four devices of mobile phones, tablets or computers on the Epson projector at the same time, but the last mirrored device has The sound comes out.

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