How do I fix my Apple screen mirroring?

There are two main ways to connect an Apple Mac to a projector, wired connection and wireless mirroring. Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you how to connect our Apple computer to the projector and how to solve common problems.

Apple Mac Wireless Screen sharing

Compared with various failures of wired connection, wireless screen mirroring is much smarter. You only need to use AWIND wireless presentation to connect to the projector, and then press the transmitter button of the screen projector (HDMI or TypeC, Apple Mac itself does not have USB) interface, but we can use the conversion interface); or use the [Screen Mirroring] function that comes with Apple Mac to cast the screen.

The common problem of Apple Mac wireless screen mirroring projector is that the [Screen mirroring] function cannot be found

Click the Apple symbol in the menu bar at the top of the screen and select “System Preferences” in the drop-down menu.

In System Preferences, find and select the Displays icon. Click “Displays” and check the box next to “Show mirroring options in menu bar when available.”

Quick Tip: On the Display page, there is a drop-down menu next to AirPlay Display, which will automatically change to Off. This doesn’t mean AirPlay is turned off, it just means you’re not currently AirPlaying your screen.

With AirPlay Display turned on, in the menu bar at the top of your Mac screen, click the AirPlay icon, which looks like a rectangle with an arrow at the bottom. In the drop-down list, select the ID of the wireless screencaster.


apple screen mirroring


How to connect Apple Mac to projector by wired connection

1.Connect the external monitor to the power supply, and the data cable to the Mac (don’t forget to buy an adapter cable when buying a monitor, because the display ports provided by the Mac are generally HDMI or thunderbolt), then turn on the monitor, and the system will automatically recognize it .

2.Open System Preferences and go to Display Settings

  1. Click on the display option to see two screen settings pages, in which the resolution and other related settings are automatically optimized by Mac without manual settings.
  2. Friends who use a Mac external monitor for the first time will find that when they are operating on a Mac, the external monitor will not project the content displayed on the Mac screen. This is the unique “arrangement” display function of Mac:
  3. The monitor of the Mac and the external monitor are two monitors that exist side by side. Swipe the mouse left and right to find that the mouse pointer can “shuttle” between the two screens. Set the main display. The so-called main display is the display where the system Dock, desktop and statusbar are located. The setting method is very simple, just drag and drop the small white bar at the top here.
  4. If you don’t like this side-by-side display method, you can also switch to the traditional direct projection mode, and check the “Mirror Display” in the picture to keep the display content of the Mac and the external display in sync.



Common fault problems of Apple Mac connecting to projector wired connection

  1. There is no input signal at the RGB port of the projector

When the projector switches to RGB output, it prompts that the RGB port has no signal input.

First rule out whether the VGA cable is properly connected. If it is normal, it means that there is no signal output from the VGA output port of the notebook computer, and the problem is on the computer.

Mac computers generally have three output modes: 1. LCD screen output, VGA port no output, this is the default mode;2. VGA port output, no screen output. 3, VGA port and screen have output. Therefore, the computer must switch to the third output mode.

  1. The projector has information input, but no image

In the case of the correct output mode of the notebook computer, the above failure should first check whether the resolution and refresh rate of the computer match the projector. Laptops generally have high hardware configuration, and the resolution and refresh rate that can be achieved are high. However, if the maximum resolution and refresh rate of the projector are exceeded, the above phenomenon will occur.

The solution is very simple. Adjust the values of these two parameters through the computer’s display adapter. Generally, the resolution does not exceed 600*800, and the refresh frequency is between 60 and 75 Hz. Please refer to the projector manual. In addition, there may be situations where the display adapter cannot be adjusted, please reinstall the original graphics card driver and then adjust it.

  1. Projection image color cast

This is mainly the problem of the VGA cable. Check whether the interface between the VGA cable and the computer and the projector is tightened. If the problem still exists, then you should buy a better quality VGA cable and pay attention to the model of the connection port.

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