How do I fix failed to connect to screen mirroring?

How do I fix failed to connect to screen mirroring?

How do I fix failed to connect to screen mirroring? Nowadays, it is commonplace to mirror computers and TVs on mobile phone screens, but one thing that is unacceptable is that mobile phone screen mirroring was very stuck in the past. What if wireless screen mirroring is stuck?

How do I fix failed to connect to screen mirroring

Mobile phone wireless screen mirroring computer

What to do if wireless screen mirroring is stuck

1. Network problems:

There is no way for the network to freeze. The bandwidth selection is generally applicable, otherwise it is a waste of money.

2. Router setting problem:

The transmission speed of the 5G frequency is much higher than the traditional 2.4G. Take TPLink as an example, open the browser, enter, open the router management interface, enter the user name and password (the default is “admin”), click the menu “Setup Wizard”, click “Next”-pop up to select the Internet method The interface can be selected according to the broadband Internet access method you are using. If you are not sure, you can select “Let the router automatically select the Internet access method” and click “Next”-enter the Internet account and password you obtained from the operator-pop up Wireless frequency band selection interface, select 5GHZ-set password.

3. Screen mirroring method:

In general home screen mirroring, we use free projection software or the Miracast protocol that comes with the TV. Short-term movie viewing is not a big problem, but a longer time will cause it to freeze and disconnect. At this time, we have to connect again. In fact, in addition to using software to cast screens, hardware equipment seems to be more reliable. Of course, if it is a 5 yuan free shipping item bought on a certain treasure, I did not say.

4. Film source:

High-definition film sources have relatively high requirements for network speed. If it is only for watching movies, we can appropriately lower the definition of the movie, such as adjusting the 4K quality movie to 1080P. In fact, we can watch it with our eyes It’s almost the same.

Mobile phone wireless screen mirroring TV

5. Mobile phone problems:

Every time the Android mobile phone system is updated, it feels that the lag situation will be a bit more serious. There is no way, right, we can only clean up the garbage, cache, and virus in the phone as much as possible.

The screen mirroring freeze of Apple mobile phones is related to the screen mirroring method of screen mirroring, because the multi-screen interaction of Android phones pushes movie resources to the TV, while Apple mirrors the screen of the mobile phone to the TV, so the performance of the mobile phone is Network requirements are higher.


The screen mirroring freeze of the mobile phone has little to do with what monitor we use, and it is impossible for us to change the mobile phone or upgrade the broadband because of the mobile screen mirroring card, so have we thought about adding a professional wireless screen mirroring device What? Difficult~

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