How do I cast to my TCL TV?

How do I cast to my TCL TV?

How do I cast to my TCL TV? Some users asked “Can the eight-year-old Tcl LCD TV cast screen with cell phones? How to operate?”

Cell phone screen TV

Analysis: eight years ago Tcl LCD TV is certainly not support Miracast casting screen, the use of those who want to directly through the Miracast protocol or install software can be directly PAss, only through the casting screen box or TV box hardware way to assist in casting screen.

Casting box


Through the home casting box or TV box to cast the old tcl TV cell phone screen.

1, the TV box or cast screen box through the HDMI cable connected to the TV.

2, and then Android phone to find the wireless screen casting function, connected to the box ID, you can cell phone cast screen.

Through the TV box or casting box is the benefit of the TV set as long as the HDMI signal interface, no matter how old the TV set can be cell phone cast screen.

TV boxes and home screen casting boxes are similar in function, mainly according to the user’s habits to choose a TV box or screen casting box. Simply put, if you like to play with your phone a lot, you can choose a screen casting box, and if you like to watch TV quietly, you can use a TV box.

Wireless screen casters

The difference between cast screen box and TV box

How do I cast to my TCL TV? The difference between cast screen box and TV box mainly lies in whether they are equipped with a complete system and audio/video platform; whether they can be used separately.

TV box is equipped with a complete system and audio-visual platform, and can directly broadcast TV programs on demand on the platform, without the need for cell phone control. But the TV relies on its own platform resources, and different TV boxes carry different resources and have certain limitations.

How do I cast to my TCL TV

Casting box is not equipped with any products, but only the screen content of cell phones, tablets, computers to the large screen display, relying on the sending end of the device with cell phones, tablets, computers, etc.. The advantage is that as long as the phone, tablet, computer screen can be displayed on the screen of the things can appear on the big screen through the cast screen box, regardless of the platform restrictions.

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