How do I cast to my Hisense TV? Cast to hisense tv!

How do I cast to my Hisense TV? Cast to hisense tv!

Cell phone, computer, Hisense TV wireless screen casting

Cast to hisense tv

In recent years, Hisense TV has become more and more intelligent, and its functions have become diversified, especially after equipped with “Hisense TV Micro Assistant”, it has become very convenient for cell phone, computer and Hisense TV to cast screen wirelessly.

Cell phone, computer, Hisense TV wireless screen casting

A, cell phone Hisense TV wireless screen casting

1, first of all, the phone and Hisense TV connected to the same router, and then open the click, through the TV remote control to find the settings page, select “more settings” option in the page.

2, after entering the more settings page, in the left column of the project click to select the “General” option.

3, then find the multi-screen interactive services in the right area, you can see that it is closed, click “multi-screen interactive services” to enter.

4, open the multi-screen interactive settings page, click on the list to select “open”, you can make it open state.

5, download a Hisense TV micro assistant on your cell phone, download it and complete the installation according to the prompts, click on the “Hisense TV micro assistant” icon to enter after installation.

6, after entering the app, in the upper left corner of the page click on the icon showing the TV pattern.

7, click to enter the “My Settings” page, the app will automatically search for Hisense TV that needs to be cast, after the search, click the “Connect” option at the back of it.

8、After connected, the status behind Hisense TV will be shown as “Connected”, click the back button on the top left corner of the page to return to the app’s home page.

9, in the menu bar at the top of the home page, click “Tools”, you can see that the tools page has a number of options to choose from, such as photo casting, video casting, application management, TV screenshot, etc., according to their needs to choose the appropriate casting function.

Cell phone, computer, Hisense TV wireless screen casting

Second, computer video casting to Hisense TV

Normally, “Hisense TV micro assistant” should also be available on the computer, but I have not tried to say anything, because I have a more convenient screen casting magic tool – Awind strange machine wireless screen casters.

1, will AWIND strange machine wireless screen casters through the HDMI cable connected to the TV.

2, open [My Computer] – change the casting mode to [screen extension] – cast screen – this time the TV is just a blank screen.

3, open the video playback on the computer. Drag the TV to play on the TV, and start playing games on the computer, without interfering with each other.

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