How can wireless presentation help us teachers in our work?

Smart classroom wireless presentation device recommendation


How can wireless presentation help us teachers in our work

The multimedia smart teaching mode is a popular teaching method in recent years. By using digital teaching equipment such as wireless presentation systems, electronic whiteboards, audio equipment, central control systems, and computers, and using teaching software (multimedia electronic classroom system) , the use of multimedia has the characteristics of pictures, texts, sounds and even moving images to provide an ideal teaching environment.

  1. The wireless presentation of the smart classroom is convenient and quick to use: the screen projection operation is completed within one minute, and it does not require too much preparation time and debugging time. A class is 45 minutes. If the debugging time of the equipment is too long, it will seriously affect the efficiency of classroom teaching. How can we talk about wisdom education?
  2. High stability of wireless presentation in smart classrooms: Many classrooms still use the traditional wired connection method. It is precisely because of the high stability of wired connections that there will be no unexpected situations such as dropped calls and freezes. AWIND only develops and produces wireless presentation systems for business meeting rooms and multimedia classrooms, and has absolute advantages in terms of product stability (support for 7-10 days free trial, first use and then buy).
  3. The wireless presentation of the smart classroom is highly reliable: the product adopts a metal casing (good heat dissipation) and a special chip (supports 8 hours of continuous operation for a long time).
  4. The wireless presentation function of the smart classroom is complete:AWIND adheres to the corporate tenet of “everything from the user’s point of view”, and can meet or actively develop various situations and needs for the smart classroom.


Wireless Presentation system in Classrooms


In the actual smart classroom, the use environment may be more complicated. AWIND has professional online technical consultants and provides free smart classroom wireless sharing solutions. Welcome to discuss.

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