The projector does not support wifi

How can I make my projector WiFi?

Yesterday morning, there was a customer inquiry: “How can I use Awind’s projector to project a screen on a mobile phone if the projector does not support wifi? Is it particularly convenient for meetings?”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter whether the wireless projector can be connected to WIFI, as long as it has an HDMI interface or a VGA interface. The wireless screen mirror is actually the wireless WIFI transmission and reception of our mobile phone, computer and projector. The end box and the projector are connected via HDMI cable and VGA cable.”

How can I make my projector WiFi?

Mobile phone projection projector

User: “It’s all connected by wires, then what’s the use of you?

“First of all, you are using a mobile phone for projection. I can’t imagine the screen with an HDMI cable on the mobile phone. Secondly: the traditional connection is relatively long. Through our wireless projection device, it is normally a 50 cm. The left and right HDMI cables are fine. After connecting, just tie the wireless projection box to the projector bracket.”

User: “Then how does your mobile phone connect?”

“First connect the wireless screen mirroring box to the projector with an HDMI cable or VGA cable, and then fix the box on the projector bracket; then, Android phones need to download a matching APP, and Apple phones can directly use screen mirroring to mirror the screen. .”

How can I make my projector WiFi?

User: “I saw the kind of direct connection with Huawei mobile phones before, just don’t download APP.”

“Huawei mobile phones directly use the built-in [Wireless Screen Mirroring] and then connect it. That is a household product. It uses Miracast protocol. We also have them. It is the Awind X10 and X20 for home use. Yes, it is not recommended that you use this household product.”

User: “Then I want that, what X10, right, how much is this?”

“This is not enough for your use. Household products are used for meeting screen projections. In the event of a bad situation during the meeting, you will lose more than you gain.”

User: “This online mall, I will go to your Jingdong to see it.”

The telephone communication was interrupted here.

Summary: After the mobile phone screen mirroring projector, through the AWIND wireless projector, whether the projector at the receiving end has wireless function has no effect, as long as it has an HDMI interface or a VGA interface. As I said before, give me an HDMI port and I can cast the screen.

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