How can I cast my phone screen to my TV?

How can I cast my phone screen to my TV?

My phone casting to TV can be divided into a total of three modes: push mode and multi-screen interaction mode and screen mirroring mode, here is not based on the casting protocol to distinguish, mainly based on the characteristics of the casting screen to distinguish.

1, push mode: only for audio, video, picture push, multimedia files through wireless transmission to the TV or projector above. In the process of streaming media resources casting screen, DLNA push is undoubtedly the best choice, less consumption, stable casting screen, and high smoothness.

Three modes of cell phone screen casting TV

For example: the current video APP, TencentTV, Akiyay, LeTV, Youku and B station, etc. play programs on TV with [TV] logo or DLNA logo. All of them are pushing the address of the TV program played on the phone to the TV set. TV will not exist after the end of the play, there will be no play history.

2, Multi-screen interaction: TV Miracast multi-screen interaction, smart Android phones mostly support Miracast protocol, and then in the same LAN environment, the phone and TV screen interaction.

The feature is that the signal side will cast the resources to the big screen, and then our signal side can do other operations without affecting the big screen. Think about it, while the phone cast screen TV, while talking about WeChat, brush the circle of friends, while watching the viewing, without interfering with each other ……

3, Screen mirroring: Speaking of screen mirroring, many people will certainly think of the Apple IOS device comes with Airplay screen mirroring function. Here the screen mirroring mode refers to the phone and TV screen synchronization display. In the time through the screen casting software and screen casting equipment, Android phones can also do with the TV screen synchronous display.

How can I cast my phone screen to my TV

Three modes of cell phone screen TV casting

Many game enthusiasts, or live broadcasters today use the screen mirroring feature to play mobile games with computers, and the matching teammates and opponents are still mobile players, the point is that there is no detection means to detect such physical hang-ups.

The three modes of cell phone cast screen TV each have their own characteristics, we do not care “black cat white cat can catch the mouse is a good cat”, according to our needs, choose our own favorite cast screen mode on the line.

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